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 Post subject: Tarot Reading Secrets DVD set - My Review
PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2009 11:31 pm 
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Tarot Reading Secrets DVD set - My Review
book and DVD author: Dean Montalbano

Buy it: ... p?ID=11743

Price: $51 after discount

Demo: (none)

Most of you are wondering two things:

- Why is a tarot DVD being distributed by Murphy's?
- Why should I learn this crap?

To answer the first question, the last DVD (Tarot by Donna Zuckerbrot) to come out on Tarot was hardcore bad. Like 40 minutes, and I slept through most of it. Now we have 3 hours of Tarot material done by an actual professional in the field, so it's really good.

Secondly, Tarot is like BALLOON ANIMALS FOR HOT CHICKS. They'll swarm over to you. I once saw this guy at Starbucks surrounded by half a dozen nice looking women reading their Tarot cards. It's less dorky than palm reading, and has cool toys (different style cards you can buy for cheap). Plus a great way to supplement your mentalism routines, as well as add to your income by possibly busking with Tarot readings. Yes, I didn't know that was possible either, but apparently indeed it is.

Enter the Tarot Reading Secrets DVD set ...


The DVD is well done, with animated graphics to help you follow along. Dean also includes a reading sample and a ton of tips for going professional (should you choose that path). Plus it includes his book "Tarot With 'tude" for free in PDF format on the DVD: ... 1932086986


DVD #1 - 1 hour 41 mins

The first DVD covers all the basics and meat of the Tarot. You'll probably need to watch it a couple of times to get the hang of everything. If you're already familiar with Tarot, Dean doesn't cover the symbolism on the traditional Rider-Waite decks' Minor Arcana. Which is a bad thing in my opinion. He does cover the Major, however.

Introduction - 9 mins

Dean's hellos and thank you's.

Numerology - 9 mins

The basis of the Minor Arcana. Dean relies solely on numerology to obtain meaning from the Minor cards, instead of the symbolism on the faces. I think this is a HUGE downside, since he also shows cards with no pictures on them. No idea why he didn't use the standard Rider-Waite deck (or a variation) so when you opened up your cards, you could go "Ahhh!". But now when you open them, you'll ALSO need to learn the symbolism behind each card in addition to watching the DVD.

The good news is: A numerology-only approach will get you up and running faster, since you don't need to concern yourself with the extras. But it's just shallow. Like a hot dog with nothing on it.

Symbols - 8 mins
Minor Arcana - 20 mins

Dean reviews each suit's cards, along with what they mean inside the numbers. Note: His version of the numbers varies slightly from most other books, so hang on.

Court cards - 14 mins

Pages, Kings, Queens, Knights are covered along with their respective roles.

Major Arcana - 25 mins

A rundown on the Devil, Wheel, Fool plus the other gang members. Here again he doesn't use the standard Rider-Waite deck cards, so you're missing out on a lot of symbolism yet again.

DVD #2 - 1 hour 17 mins

What's a reading - 20 mins

Prep information for spreads, how to provide a reading, etc

Tarot spreads - 14 mins

Dean covers the Elemental Star Spread, showing what each position means along with showing a sample reading.

The business - 25 mins

Dean runs an actual business using Tarot at a bar, where he gets huge lines of a hundred people waiting for readings. So he's got a ton of real life experience to share things like tipping, handling lines, going on breaks, etc.

Ethics - 20 mins

How to answer tough questions (like "Is my husband cheating on me" along with other ethics topics.

The Included PDF book

Tarot with 'tude is a decent book to read, and you'll enjoy the topics. Keep in mind it's NOT as thorough as many of the others available.


The DVD suffers from a few setbacks:

- It's too expensive compared with some of the great books available, that cover a lot more ground
- He uses decks that most people won't own for a long time. I would have preferred a beginner deck, or something more popular
- He skips over Rider-Waite standard card picture symbolism
- The DVD mentions no useful ways of incorporating Tarot into your magic or mentalism

But overall, I really enjoyed watching it, and learned a lot from Dean's depth of experience along with his business skills. The animated graphics showing cards moving around while he voices over helps a ton. If you need a DVD to learn Tarot, this is the best one by far.

But realistically, most of us won't be serving 150 customers at a bar with Tarot reading. But instead will be designing a mentalism routine with it, or picking up hot chicks.

As an alternative, might I suggest the following combination:

Tarot for a New Generation (368 pages)ée/dp/0738701602

The book is spectacular, covering a wealth of information about each card. It also sticks well with Rider-Waite standards, and includes sample pictures of each card it reviews. In addition, you get valuable info on spreads (Celtic Cross ftw), themes and a ton of other info.


The Druidcraft Tarot (deck and book)

Druidcraft is a larger card stock with Rider-Waite type of symbolism. It does vary slightly, but nothing major. The cards are stunning, eye catching and easy to read for people since they're also easier to see. Plus it comes with yet another book, detailing out each card, and relating it back to nature/druidism/etc.


Other great books and decks (IMHO):

Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards: Corrine Kenner's Complete Guide (Paperback) ... 0738709646

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Golden Tarot Deck

Also if you start collecting decks, visit Janet Boyer's fantastic review site:

The official spam:

For the psychic entertainer or Tarot Guru wannabe! This class has been put together by an experienced teacher of Tarot.

Dean, your instructor has been reading tarot since the age of 4, teaching tarot for over 18 years and reading in an entertainment environment for over 15 years. He has it all- The new age knowledge, The business know-how, the performer's experience and more.

Dean has been teaching full day Tarot seminar for years and compiles much of that material, and the information from his Tarot with ‘Tude and Tarot CD set into this newly filmed DVD course. For the FIRST TIME however, in addition to teaching a full system of Tarot card reading, Dean will share he secrets as a professional psychic entertainer, and his philosophy and theories about doing readings for the public as entertainment. He will tell you the dangers and things to watch out for, help you work within your OWN beliefs (If you believe it this stuff or think it is all crap you CAN still do readings from an ethical place.) teach you how to make MONEY!

In this program you will learn a system of reading that is legitimate to those who believe in such things BUT it will allow you to interpret any deck of cards you might come across, even playing cards. The instructional sections feature visual and auditory mnemonics build into comfortable animated and live video segments created in HD format.

This program will also be augmented through this page with occasional updates, expansions, hand outs and more.

Plus, if you purchase this DVD directly from us, you can always E mail questions and get follow up consultation if you are confused about a given card or have a question about a given situation. In fact, your e mails and questions will become additional follow up material for the benefit of ALL who purchase this set.

Also Includes DVD rom Content, PDF version of Tarot With 'Tude book- a value!


 Post subject: Re: Tarot Reading Secrets DVD set - My Review
PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:11 am 
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born to perform.

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Good review.

I'll look into that book that you have suggested.

 Post subject: Re: Tarot Reading Secrets DVD set - My Review
PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:26 am 
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born to perform.

Joined: 21 Sep 2009
Posts: 2479
Location: Jackson, Michigan
I ended up going with "The Druidcraft Tarot" deck and book.

I've never done any Tarot before, so it should be fun getting acquainted with it!!

Thanks for the suggestions for alternative items Akira.

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