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 Post subject: Technique by Matthew Mello
PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 8:05 pm 
born to perform.

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Hey guys, time for another review. I know it seems like I've been buying a lot of stuff lately, reason being I got quite a bit of money for my birthday, so its obvious I'm going to spend that money on what I love. Onto the trick!

I saw the thread on Technique, and I must say I was a little skeptical. The tricks like this I've encountered in the past are either impractical, or just don't play right. They aren't clean. Daniel Madison's 'The Devils Touch" comes to mind. Great effect, but YOUR holding the pad the whole time. YOUR writing. YOUR in control. Technique is the exact opposite. The Spectator is in TOTAL control. They write the number/name/drawing etc on the pad of paper. They hold it the entire time. This effect isn't by any means too good to be true. I know your thinking by the way its described it sounds like 1 of 2 things. Its too good to be true, or its very difficult or impractical. Technique is neither. Extremly practical, extremly easy, extremly magical.

What they say-
I want you to imagine that we are at a coffee shop having a conversation. I ask you to move to the other side of the room and write down any 2 or 3 digit number while I look away. I tell you to hold the paper close so no one can see. After a moment of concentration I am able to tell you with 100% accuracy what number you are thinking of.

Now, imagine if I told you it was completely impromptu. A way to reveal a spectator’s thoughts without peeks, center tears, impression devices, stooges, or any sort of linguistic deception. Take every overused method and forget them…this isn’t it.

Based on a nearly lost concept, this technique was redefined and simplified by Matthew. Similar ideas have cropped up in the past by such names as Karl Fulves, Al Mann, and even Tony Corinda. But, what you’re getting here is Matthew’s easy to use streamlined version.

Using this technique, YOU NEVER SEE WHAT THE SPECTATOR WRITES DOWN. You’re about to discover a practical method for the most realistic, jaw dropping mind reading you can perform.

Other applications of the Technique principal:

Impromptu drawing duplication of simple shapes
Numerical values of thought of playing cards
Realistic demonstration of the standard scientific ESP test
Key points to consider

You never see what the spectator writes.
It is one of the easiest versions of it's kind .
The principle has multiple applications.
Bonus Effect included on the DVD
"Technique has been one of my secret tools. Now it's not so secret. I must say that I am genuinely upset that Matt let this go."

-Andrew Gerard

What I say- You probably know by this point in the review that I love this effect. Its just so clean. Unless they show you the pad after you predict whats on it, you truly never see whats on it. Its pretty much 100% impromptu. Their is an "out" for the effect if it doesn't go as planned, but its not one of those things where it can go wrong all the time. I'd say maybe one time out of 50 you have the slightest possibilty of not guessing correctly, and if that by some crazy chance happens, Mr. Mello provides an astonishing out that may be considered just as if not more powerful than if the trick went right.

The method uses something that has been used before, but not as an actual method. Hard to explain. Its basically 80% original, only using an idea thats been done before. of course proper credits are given.

The teaching is top-notch. No stone is unturned. Matthew does virtually everything possible to teach you the effect so you can practice and perform as soon as possible. Its a very easy concept. When I first saw what it was, I was a little put-off because I thought it would be extremly difficult, but it really isn't.

You can have them write a number of things. With a little more practice, you can have them write names, locations, or even a small drawing.

Their is a bonus effect offered, it being Mr. Mello's take on the classic Billet Tear. This is a very cool version, but being a die-hard card guy, I couldn;t really see a difference between this version and any other. Its definently original, I just didn't personally gain anything from this section being I am by no means an experienced mentalist. That being said, I can still do Technique with little difficulty.

The thing that really caught me in this was the actual dvd, or in my case, the download. It is very very well-made. Not really on the HD camera aspect (Not that I can complain about the quality) but in the filming and music aspect of it. They shot a bunch of footage of Matthew in a meadow or field, and for some reason I really liked it. Its has an artsy fairy-tale tone to it, if that makes any sense. Also, the music was EXCELLENT. Really made the dvd. Apparently its made by one of the sites staff, Ian Martin. If by any chance your reading this Mr. Martin...DUDE. YOU CAN MAKE A FRIGGIN TUNE. That beat will stick with me for while.

This being my second Matthew Mello product, I must say I don't understand why this guy isn't more well-known. He's a very smart dude. He also seems like a pretty stand-up guy.

-100% impromptu
-100% angle safety
-You don't write anything on the pad.
-You barely even touch the pad
-Excellent production
-kick-[edited] music
-Bonus effect
-Cheap price


Honestly this is one of the best effects I've bought in a while. It definently deserves a 10 out of 10. BUY IT!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:34 pm 
born to perform.

Joined: 18 Oct 2005
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Location: yes, i have a location...oh, Canada
So basicly this is the same as pencil reading or VERY similar to it...if its not then wow!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:46 pm 
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born to perform.

Joined: 23 Sep 2007
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yeh that was my first thought when i read it as well.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:16 pm 
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Joined: 06 Feb 2008
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Its not pencil reading, pencil reading is difficult and Technique is very easy. BTW thanks for the review I am glad someone appreciates the work we put into our productions.

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