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 Post subject: Agatha-Irving Quant
PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:17 pm 
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Hey guys, just bought this, practicing as we speak, so I thought I'd write a review. I'll update this later when I perform it, I just felt I should write this review as there is an issue I have with the effect that should be known to people looking to buy it. Anyways, we'll touch on that in a little bit, for now...

What they say- This beautifully constructed handling of Mr. Goodwin’s “Slap Exchange” (At the Expense of Grey Matter, 1989) allows four cards to be lodged face-up in the deck before they are made to transpose with four others. Agatha eliminates the many sleight-heavy maneuvers needed to accomplish previous methods and provides a direct solution to a classic card problem. This effect is completely impromptu using only sleight of hand and the ingenious thinking of Irving Quant.

What I say- I like this trick. It seems like a real worker. Its easy to do(will have it down pat in a couple days) and its visual. Irving is a fine teacher, you shouldn't have any questions. I feel like I was cheated a little though, because what you see in the video isn't exactly what you get.

They left out a cruical part of the trick...the clean up. Correction...they didn't do the clean up. The effect performed in the video is not impromptu. It uses an extra somethin somethin. In reality you have to do a clean up that is quite angly(Which is why one would think they didn't show it in the demo) Now I have to think of another clean up, and I doubt I could come up with one that isn't very angly.

My problem isn't that the clean up has some tough angles. There are tons of great tricks and sleights out there that are angle sensitive. My problem is they neglected to show it in the demo, and used a duplicate card. Just show the clean up! I can't see any reason why they wouldnt...unless Irving himself couldn't execute the clean up...or they wanted to make it look cleaner than it really is.

Again, I like the trick, it looks great, I was just left with a bitter taste in my mouth because they didn't keep their promises.

As I said, its pretty easy, I'll have it down in a couple days.

One other thing I noticed is that in the demo Irving doesn't really handle this as clean as it could be. He makes the change look awkward, and the inserting of the Kings in the beginning of the trick looks awkward. Maybe he was nervous infront of the camera (Which I completly understand) I just wanted to point out you can be more chill about it and not be so tense with the cards.

Production quality is great, as you all know.

Overall this was a decent purchase, I'm just pretty annoyed about the Demo thing. Hopefully the Bucks can upload a real full performance.


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