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 Post subject: GET A CLUE
PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:44 pm 

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Effect: Get a Clue Super Professional deluxe version by realmagic realm productions

Available :

As you can guess, this is a mental magic effect based around the game Clue.
The add states:
After talking about clue, you tell your audience they are about to play a game, no board, no pieces to move, just their freewill.
Instead, you have predicted the killer, weapon and room in this game where the victim, Mr. Boddy, is found, blood all over the floor! His watch is broken. In fact, the same exact time the murder happens shows on it!
You place the confidential case file envelope in plain sight after discussing about the game and the fun begins. Before anything happens, you tell the spectator she is going to line up the suspects in any order. You are going to gather the cards without changing the order of the cards at all and conduct a lie detector test by spelling the word MURDER by moving one card from the top of the packet to the bottom for each letter in the packet eliminating a suspect until one person remains! The bottom card will be eliminated each time.
Read that again! She decided the order. You tell them in advance exactly how the test will be conducted! You do not change the order at all then you start the test!
So how was it done?
Was he shot, hung, stabbed or bludgeoned to death? A weapon is simply named! No equivoque.
Finally, the murder location! The watch... stopped exactly when he was killed! The spectator thinks of anytime, hour and minutes and multiplies it by the number of rooms then circles any number. You are never told the number circled. Using the thought of number, the spectator rolls an imaginary 9 sided die in their head and given the room cards.
Larry Becker gave us permission to use a concept from his Improved Track record effect to make this all possible!

Three people have conspired to choose the killer, weapon, and room, the facts of the case. Remember, six different characters, six possible murder weapons and nine different rooms, leaving the players with 324 distinct possibilities. In the course of determining the details of the murder, one spectator turns over the KILLER determined by the test, suppose it is Mrs. White. The freely named weapon was the rope. The player chose the study using the number you were never told. She reads out loud for all to hear, "I suggest it was Mrs. White, in the Library, with the rope."
You empty the envelope. Out falls a picture of the Mrs.White, the rope, and a folded note from the killer. It is opened up and read out loud by the spectator. It has written on it: I KILLED MR. BODDY IN THE LIBRARY!
Comes with additional ideas to even include inviting seven people on stage where one member thinks of a suspect! Five freely choose a weapon leaving a killer with the MURDER weapon and the butler chooses the room.

Difficulty: The basic handling is not for beginners although alternative methods are given.

Review: There are some other effects I have seen revolving about this plot. What I like about this is it is different. For example, no change bags are used in it.

You receive all necessary props to include authentic clue cards to perform it.

I'll go over each phase, one by one.

Killer: The primary method is unlike any out there reason being the spectator can truly deal in any order and you tell in advance how the test will be conducted. The add is 100% accurate. That is pretty strong. He also gives other ideas for maximum participation.

Weapon: This can be a total free choice; however, many ideas are given to make it be so much more. Again, exactly as advertised.

Room: The watch idea combined with Larry Beckers force is very clever. No one should be able to back track it. By the description in the add, it is procedural and falls more into the mental-magic catagory, but besides delivering this killer method, you'll learn other ways to have the murder scene determined like a true mentalist with out magician's choice. In fact, one seems like a totally free choice of the room! For example, no matter what question is asked, you do use the answer given.

Over all: If you are looking for a self working effect, you need to look else where. Because the prediction is placed in full site and never switched, skill must be obviously involved. All the methods are very clever.

This is now one of the three effects that fill my final mentalism slot along with Casino Royal and weather or not.

It is not in expensive. At a price of $100, it should keep it out of the hands of many and I am not upset about that at all.

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