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 Post subject: PowerWord :: Fall
PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:09 am 

Joined: 25 Mar 2010
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Matt Sconce
"The words you speak when performing, change the impact your magic has on a spectator. Imagine having the ability to control objects with the power of your words. This is not an average psychokinetic effect. With just a quiet whisper from several feet away, you are able to make objects fall at your command. The Power Word principle allows you to perform the impossible, knock one object off another without affecting it or choose which objects will fall and which will remain standing."

My First Thoughts:
I don't know what else to say except WOW. I really don't know how to explain this but this effect is like nothing I have seen before and the method is so clever, I hope releases more effects with Matt Sconce.

The Method:
Like I said before the method is so clever and amazing that even if you do not use the effect you will like the purchase because of how weel-thought out the method is. Not only is the gimmick ingenious but it is the way you make the gimmick work, thia is ridiculous, I can't imagine how much time he spent into thinking how could I possible do this. I laughed the first time I saw it, it is just so ingenious.

Of course there is a gimmick it is extremely practical, and because of how the effect works you are almost guaranteed to not get caught.

I wish I could have gotten a video of this up, but unfortunately I didn't but believe me when I say the reactions are absolutely insane. Just think about it your are making an object fall with one word and you dont even have to be looking at the word.

Matt goes over absolutely everything there is to know about the effect, and leaves nothing out. You should have no problems learning this because of his teaching style and the fact that he goes over everything.

There are many ways you can perform this effect which Matt goes over but there is only one version I truly love, and that is the Brandon Williams hook-up.You walk around with the gimmick set-up on you, and you can walk up to a table and perform the effect right then and there. Where in a few other of the versions you can not do this. The other ways I am not crazy about, but somebody else may like this way.

This effect is beyond practical and I do not see why anybody would not use it, unless you do not want great reactions, which we all know we want.

Nothing wrong here outstanding quality.

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How much: $29.95
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