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 Post subject: Eric Ross :: Infinity Bend
PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:46 am 

Joined: 25 Mar 2010
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Eric Ross
Infinity Bend

I have been wanting this for quite some time now. After I saw the visualness of this coin bend, I knew I needed this. I am a card magician and do not do anything else, well now with this effect I feel like I am branching out. This is my first coin effect and boy is it a good one.

Effect - Imagine taking a coin and having it visually bend, right in front of the spectators faces, with Infinity Bend, this IS possible. I have seen many coin bends, that were visual, but this is the most visual by far.

Method - The method is pretty awesome. It can be applied to creating other effects as well. It is so ingenious and clever.

The Gimmick - To make the gimmick you need a few objects from your house, that I can almost guarantee you have, if not you can run-up to a walmart or any shop of that kind and they will have it.

Set-up - The set-up does not take long, once you are set-up you are essentially, ready to perform at a moments notice.

Teaching - This is top-notch teaching nothing is left out and after watching the video all you need to do is practice. I did not have to rewind the video at all, because he goes over everything clearly.

Quality - The quality of the video is very good. It is clear and precise.

Overall - I can not wait to start performing this effect, after a little more practice I will have this thing up and running.

Here is a quick review on the advanced handling they put on the DVD / download. In my opinion this looks much better than the regular handling but is of course harder, this is also much more angle sensitive, but if you are willing to be risky, then take a look at this version.
Clean-up / Set-up
I like the "clean-up" on this version much more because of the fact it looks more natural, not that the other version does not have a natural "clean-up". The set-up is also much different than the original handling but of course, practical.
The teaching is the same as before very clear and precise, you will not be complaining.
Do I reccommend this to you? YES
Do I think if you use gimmicks you should have this? YES

If you buy this effect I guarantee you will not be disappointed for many various reasons:
- You can see that Eric put alot of work into this
- This is great thinking
- It is visual
- Coin can be borrowed
In My opinion the highest point of this effect is it's practicality, it is very practical, and I don't think anybody would call this unpractical.
Overall Rating - 9.5/10
The reason it is not a 10 is because like other people have said nothing is perfect, but this is pretty darn close.

Direct Link -
How Much - $24.95
Available as Download or DVD
Please do not hesistate to ask questions, I am willing to answer any that you have:
- Donald
OH wait there's more
Papercranemagic decided to throw in an extra effect that utilizes the gimmick.
It is a classic in magic, coin Matrix
A silent coin matrix done on a glass table or hard surface
Everything is gone over in much detail.
He goes through making the gimmick with you again but in a little different way, so that your coin matrix is now silent.
This is a great extra add-in to the download, when I saw this I was very fooled.

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