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 Post subject: John Carney - Napkin Trilogy
PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:41 am 
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Napkin Trilogy by John Carney

Wow, to me this routine was refreshing. A prediction, located card, and penetration all in one.
Phase 1- A card is predicted on a napkin
Phase 2- The chosen card is located under the napkin
Phase 3- Cards are wrapped in a napkin and penetrate the napkin leaving one card in the wrapped napkin, their selected card.

Price: $7.95, A great deal. This could have been released on a DVD. ... arney.html
Teaching: John Carney is a master of teaching. He goes step by step to engage you into learning the routine. No stone is left unturned here fellas.

Difficulty: The routine here in my opinion uses a sleight that needs to be practiced to look good. There is also another sleight that most magicians are scared to do so I would give this a 3/5. 5 being the most difficult. This trick requires attention to detail. Just like any other trick.

Applications: I would use this for an opener. The phases build up to a strong ending and this routine shows that you shouldn't just leave an effect at the prediction. And you should also use your surroundings. This routine inspired a bit of creativity to me. Yay! I would use this is a restaurant/bar setting because having a table around is suggested.

Overall Rating: 10/10. Another perfect effect! The routine is beautiful and includes a napkin penetrating that fooled the heck out of me.

 Post subject: Re: John Carney - Napkin Trilogy
PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:18 pm 
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What happened in the last couple of days? I log in and there are dozens of good, concise reviews. I had to change up the last sequence, because I wasn't working in a situation where I could use his, but I love this routine. I decided to use it on a whim one night when I was out at dinner with my mom and my fiance and they both freaked out. This is a group of people that have both watched me do card magic for the majority of the time that either has known me and they were both fooled, amazed, and entertained. One of the best impromptu card sequences on the market.

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