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 Post subject: Lit by Dan Hauss and Dan White
PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:59 am 
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Lit by Dan Hauss and Dan White

Effect: A spectator is asked to take a match out of a matchbook, and ignite a match to verify its validity. The matchbook is then held tightly in their closed fist.

A card is selected in the deck - then visually vanished under impossible conditions. The spectator slowly opens their hand to find the matchbook has visually transformed into a twisted hybrid of playing card and match pack.


Teaching: The teaching is incredible, Dan Hauss goes over the basics very well enough for you to follow his moves. They also teach you the ol' restored lit match to pack with new flare to it. It goes to Live footage when he does a move which is very nice and helpful to see how the performance flows. Dan White goes over a variation of the biddle trick.

You also get Andrew Gerard's Lighting Match Pack which has a clever method behind it, you also get Dan White's Floating match as a bonus which I will use!

Quality: You get the DVD and your Lit gimmicks which I love! I just wish I got more than 14 but refills are 8 bucks and they are well worth the dough.
When folded up I get fooled that it's a box full of matches :D

Difficulty: 2/5 Basic sleights are used here so it's nothing risky to perform. Casual is the word :wink: . I loved watching the performances, this gets reactions that are off the wall! This takes

Applications: With Andrew Gerard's Lighting Pack method you can also apply to create your own effects! I'll keep it at that. This is Street Magic! And there are so many ways you can present this. This is even an effect you can perform with language barriers! ... re=related

I performed Carbon Paper to people who don't speak English I have LIT :D

Overall: 10/10 For under $40 you get so much from the most respected magicians in the industry today. A strong effect, it's killer!

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