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 Post subject: Conceptions of Mystery by Shane Black
PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 3:52 pm 

Joined: 09 Apr 2010
Posts: 1
Shane Blacks latest work “Conceptions of Mystery” is a breath of fresh air in the magic industry. It is full of original and out of the box effects which not only give you routines for any situation but also will inspire you to come up with really brilliant ones of your own. The tricks and ideas in this book are surpassed by none and this unique look at our art should become an instant best seller. The way he writes his explanations makes it easy to read and the sheer volume off effects makes this ebook worth at least triple the money it is being sold at. (That’s 19 effects and 60 pages for £17 or $25 in case you were wondering.)
Now, the effects:

P.I.P 1:
Shane’s incredible card ink imprinted inside a bottle effect. This trick is a very original look at the card through bottle idea. This effect is gimmicked but for the effect it creates it is easily worth the effort. This effect could command the price of the entire booklet. I really like this effect and cant wait to get out performing it.

P.I.P 2:
A similar effect to P.I.P but with a pint glass instead of a bottle. Leaving a lasting and permanent souvenir. A similarly ingenious concept and idea easily explained.

Mental and Proud Of It:
I really enjoy using this effect because of the way the prediction is revealed and also the surprise and impossibility factors of the effect. A must for walk around performers.

S.F.C.S.E (Simplest freaking card steal ever) does exactly as the name suggests. A simple and effective way of stealing a card into tenkai palm.

All Head No Substance:
The best use for a jumbo coin I’ve seen for a ling time. I’m tempted to go out and buy one just so I can use this routine.

Poor Mans Ring Flight:
Again, another self explanatory effect. A ring flight that works as well as the rest but that could probably be obtained at about 1 thousandth of the price.

Water of Leaf:
A nice effect to do in the pool in the summer. A really original idea for a torn and restored but with a leaf.

C.B.T Live:
A clever and surprising method to make a card come out of a box that the spectators will swear they saw all the sides of fairly.

An intelligent and visually stunning invisible deck trick. Looks like real magic.

The B.B Double:
A flourishy way of performing a DL which really acts as a casual convincer that the card is singular.

An interesting flourish similar to the top shot move

A nice visual snap change variation which I have started to use regularly in performances.

The classic needle through balloon effect with a twist you wont believe. Baffling and really spices up the original effect.

Machine Gun Deck:
Incredible card shooting thing with a rubber band. Just watch out for peoples eyes!

Tabled Pass Cut:
A really deceptive false cut – you will fool yourself with this.

A torn and restored signed bill effect worth the price of the entire book.

Back and Black Change.
Great colour change which seems completely beyond explanation.

The Elmers Gag:
A nice joke with a bottle of glue to break the ice at a table.

Overall, I would give this ebook 10/10. It is well written with good routines and incredible ideas. You can get this book from and it is definitely worth the $25. Get this now and start using it immediately.

 Post subject: Re: Conceptions of Mystery by Shane Black
PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 4:59 pm 

Joined: 06 Dec 2009
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Location: Columbus, Ohio
Here is a list of other sites that carry the book for your buying pleasure. I appreciate it gentlemen. ... ebook.html

And coming soon at these sites.

Good looking out let me know if you have any questions.



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