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 Post subject: A CUT DEEPER
PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:35 pm 

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A CUT DEEPER written by Aldo Colombini

25 impromptu card tricks from 15 contributors

price - $10 available at and other dealers

MATH-MATCH-MAT - Eleven cards are mixed, two cards are selected, and the selections are found by spelling. The cards are separated into four pairs. The sum of each pair is equal to the same number.

Puzzling, not amazing

CURIOUS - Face-up cards are shuffled into face-down cards. Coincidences happen with the face-up cards.

Puzzling, not amazing

NO WAY TO KNOW - A selected card is lost in the deck. The card expert immediately announces the selection.

This is basic. This is something to do when you are just toying with the deck.

STILL A STUPID BOY - The card pro places four cards face down on the table as a prediction. He gives a packet of cards to a spectator who cuts them and eliminates all but two. The sum of the values of these two cards equal the value of the four cards on the table (cards on the table are a four of a kind).

Puzzling, not amazing

ASTRONAUT CARD DISCOVERY - Cards change while under the feet of the spectator.

This trick is basic. A solid presentation is needed for this effect.

THE COURT CARD CAPER - Using the twelve court cards you reveal a freely selected card.

More important than the trick is the card positioning idea. You will need to come up with your own finish.

FALSE MEMORY - A spectator selects a card. The deck is cut into two. You and the spectator turn over the top card of each pile but neither is the selection. You bury your cards in each other's section, then reassemble the deck. The deck is spreaded on the table. The two cards displayed earlier are seen sandwiching the selected card.

There are a couple of unmotivated moves in this trick-----OK trick

MIRA-KIL - You predict the outcome in a shuffled deck.

solid trick

THREE COME TOGETHER - You and a spectator separate three Aces with three indifferent cards and the Aces magically assemble together.

I think something is off here. I have come across this trick before. The order of the three of a kind is key to the trick working. In the write up, there is no mention of what order the three of a kind should be in.

COMEDY CARD SPELL - A card is located by spelling after a couple of comedy bits.

This is quite clever. The presentation is the main value of the trick.

THRICE FAMILIAL - Three court cards from three suits assemble after a spectator shuffles them.

A solid and puzzling spelling trick

ALL MY SORROWS - You show four aces and place them in one packet. The three aces appear in another packet and the last ace is found between two selected cards.

No need for any sorrow after learning this trick. The false transfer employed is great. All you need to do is supply some solid patter.----Winner

FOUND IT - The spectator finds your card on a second try

OK trick

TOO SIMPLE, TOO GOOD! - Two cards are selected. The cardician locates one selection and places it on the table. An attempt to find the other selection fails and succeeds at the same time.

Good trick

MAGILLOGICAL - A spectator freely selects a card from the deck which is found by a second spectator.

I suppose the illusion and force employed will get by most spectators. OK trick if that happens.

NUMBERED - A selected card ends up in the same position from the top of the deck after several cuts from the spectator.

OK trick...This is pretty basic.

AMBITIOUS CARD MOVE - This is a good idea for returning a card to the top in an ambitious card routine (ACR)

THE WORLD'S GREATEST - card located by spelling

Solid spelling trick

TELEPHONE DIVINATION - The performer predicts the difference in the number of red cards and black cards from two packets.

Solid prediction trick

EASY ACES - Three cards are dealt onto to each of the four aces and the 16 cards are gathered in one packet. After cutting the cards, you spell the name of each of the aces to locate them.

Puzzling , not amazing

HEDUZ - You are able to predict a card and a number by knowing in advance where a spectator will cut the deck.

Too mathematical looking for me.

MIDNIGHT - The two black jacks are placed in the middle of half the deck. From the other half the spectator picks a card . The two jacks vanish from one packet and reappear in the other half capturing the selected card.

Good Trick

ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE - The spectator shuffles the deck and deals cards from the top. He stops dealing when he chooses. You turn over the top card of the remainder of the deck. This card matches your prediction.

Clever idea

STRONG, POWERFUL, MAGICAL - The spectator makes a selection based on the number of cards they cut off. The card pro somehow locates the card after it is lost in the deck.

OK trick....What's important is using the mathematical principal for a card placement in the bottom half of the deck.

ATLANTIS - A card is placed face down on the table. The four aces are removed. One card is placed among the four aces and disappears. The previously tabled card is shown to be the disappearing card.

Good Trick....Most people probably will not notice that the identity of the disappearing card is not clearly established.

A CUT DEEPER contains a few outstanding items and a significant amount of solid material. Only basic card moves required. Recommended

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