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 Post subject: PLAY : by Jv
PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:01 pm 

Joined: 28 Nov 2009
Posts: 111

A while back, I won a contest on and recieved PLAY as my prize... and I'm glad to see that PLAY is FINALLY being released to the public.

Let's get into the review about my thoughts and feelings about PLAY...


IMAGINE six movie posters are removed from the magi‟s wallet and given to the spectator to hold.

THE magus offers an experiment in remote viewing-seeing through the eyes of the spectator.

HE instructs the spectator to remember ANY one of the movie‟s title and to fully concentrate on that movie.

ONCE she has done so, the magus starts to, piece-by-piece, slowly reveal what the spectator is seeing: from scenes of the movie, actors from the movie, and the title of the movie… WITHOUTH her speaking aword about the movie


Completely Examinable Before & After | No GIMMICKS or DEVICES Used |
Nothing is Ever WRITTEN Down or MENTIONED | 100% Accurate & Practical | Easy to Learn | Can Work Over Skype or Over the Phone



The ebook is 15 pages long, and is very detailed and divided into sections - so everything is very easy to comprehend and very easy to follow along.


What the ad states is 100% true. Once you have the 6 movie posters, everything is pretty much impromptu.

I like the fact that the subject of movies was chosen; it's something everyone can releate to, so you can perform this anywhere, anytime to anyone... and the movies chosen are ALL WELL KNOWN movies, so you'll have no worries when performing PLAY to ANY spectator (even if they've never seen or heard of the movie, PLAY is an 'Experiment in Remote Viewing', so, you can define what you see on the poster, that means, PLAY works no matter what situation you're in).

There is NO GIMMICKS or DEVICES and NOTHING is EVER MENTIONED or WRITTEN DOWN - it's as close to mind reading as you can get.

The added subtleties included cleverly leaves you steps ahead of the spectators, and the fact that ANY movie title can be remembered makes everything fair and natural.

Because it's so easy to learn, which is also a great bonus - there's hardly any memory work -and since PLAY is morely based on presentation rather than the method, it DOES leave you an ENTIRE ROOM FOR PRESENTATION (you can perform it as a direct and serious viewing, a calm and relaxed viewing or a funny and tongue-in-cheek viewing), so the possibilites are endless.

I LOVE the fact that this can work OVER THE PHONE or OVER SKYPE (or anything of the like). And also because of this, and I repeat again, you can perform PLAY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME to ANYONE.


This gets a 9/10 from me, and I HIGHLY RECOMMENED IT. Don't miss out on it!


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