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 Post subject: Tricks to Pick Up Chicks
PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:13 pm 
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I just finished reading Tricks to Pick Up Chicks.

Firstly - I'm in a happy relationship. My primary reason for reading this book were to explore the possibility of learning more from Chapter 4 - Body Language and Chapter 5 - Rules of the Game and finally, hopeful that I might learn a new magic trick to add to my repertoire.

The book is 183 pages in length, with a minimum, of photos, so I read it in short time.


Chapter 1 - "Quickies" Quick Tricks, Ice Breakers & Lines

The so-called Quick Tricks are nothing new to me. Any beginner or amateur would be better off reading Magic for Dummies. The pick-up lines are awful. I've discovered better lines, that are regarded as "cheesy". (I suppose if some were delivered tongue-in-cheek and by someone with a real personality, they may be found humorous, but in the hands of a beginner or amateur, that person will doomed). Things to say if "She blows you off" is downright insulting. This is something I would never consider attempting. As a Magician, it's my goal to be entertaining. If she's not interested, it's not her fault, so there's no reason to end the situation with an offensive exit.

Chapter 2 - "One Night Stands" Magic Tricks, Bar Nets & Scams.

Once again, nothing new here in the realm of Magic Tricks. In addition to the afore mentioned Magic for Dummies. Anyone interested in Magic should also invest in Joshua Jay's Magic or Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. (Both of these books are priced the same as this 183 page guide and far more informative in teaching magic). I suppose to defend the book a little, this is aimed at persons looking to Break-the-Ice and have an advantage in the realm of meeting women, however I was misled through some book reviews that it would serve a professional magician as well.

Chapter 3 - "Threesomes" Tricks with the help of a Wingman.

To be honest, I glossed over this chapter as the information I was seeking was to become a more entertaining performer and magician and I rarely, if ever, use a confederate or secret assistant.

Chapter 4 - "Body Language" Learn What She's Thinking

I was hoping to learn a little more information on this subject, from what I already know. There are good points for the beginner and I found some observations that affirmed information that I had suspected through experience. (I consider this to be the best chapter in the book).

From what I learned in this chapter I can implement this awareness in a strolling magic or restaurant performance situation when approaching strangers and trying to determine who is interested and who is not.

Chapter 5 - "Rules of the Game" Tips, Rules, Do's & Don'ts to Dating.

This chapter I would recommend to the "utterly clueless" guy and absolute beginner to dating. The bulk of these "tips" are already known to any person that has experience dating, but there are a few nuggets of common sense that even an experience person may learn from.

For myself, I come away from the book a tad disappointed. I was slightly pleased with the Body Language chapter since it does explain, in layman's terms, some things I have read in other books, but weren't that clear.

I learned nothing new from the Magic tricks provided, but for a person with no magical skills, a few of these tricks may give a person a spring board to become interested in magic.

5 chapters, so five possible stars. I give "Tricks to Pick Up Chicks" 1 star from what I learned. As a potential resource for a complete beginner, 2-3 stars depending whether someone gets magic and/or Tips from the entirety of the book.

“Ars Celare Verum”
The Magic & Illusion of Georges-Robert

 Post subject: Re: Tricks to Pick Up Chicks
PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:44 am 
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Joined: 26 Sep 2004
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Thanks for the review.
I am sure this book is doing very well in sales due to the title alone.

Did the effects have inbuilt 'flirting' ? Were there tricks to get phone numbers or a kiss on the cheek and other such nonsense ?

As a fan of the book 'The Game' (not a practitioner) i find the lengths people go to in order to secure even the slightest touch of an attractive female, amazing.
Might i add i am also in a happy relationship. Well, i'm assuming she is happy.....

5 star review !

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