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 Post subject: Lexicology Review
PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:24 am 
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Lexicology by Paul Carnazzo

So i bought this cause its similar to a trick i've created, so i wondered how this was different. Turns out it was pretty different from what i have created.

Firstly a few negatives before i do the positives.
The was no packaging, usually magic tricks come in a clear baggy or shrink wrap. This one came with a Computer printed out booklet with a envelope inside with the "Gimmick" loosely inside. Looks very home made, both the instructions and the "Lexicology Card". The product image shows two cards (so i thought) but its just 1 card and its the front and back of the same card. Even though its of homemade appearance (card looks like a laminated card bit of paper), its still been made with a good amount of care. So its acceptable for me.

Routine-wize, the recommended handling is with two people. Now lets talk about spectator 1, he chose a number and find a word that corresponds to that number on the card. Official product description says "reveals the image". This is correct. However you are not able to reveal the actual Number or the actual Word directly. Only a "image" which i cant talk about too much. I feel that this is somewhat weak (though i'm yet to try it). Its too indirect i think.

The 2nd spectator the "hit" is much more direct. I like this "Hit". I'm referring to the "newly thought of word" as described on the product description. Even this also has a small chance of failing. But very small chance.

The other part of the card is sort of a 2nd Phase if you chose to do it. I really did not like it that much. Cause the whole thing is that your "Fishing" for the what the spectator's word is. Keeping in mind that, that part of the trick only has 10 words. Its a significant amount of fishing to do for such a small 10 words list. Though i do respect the actual "Fishing" technique is very subtle. Could be quite nice if applied to other tricks i think.

The card itself is not gimmicked in anyway. However you cant really let the spectator examine it after you do Phase 1 cause they might find out how its done. Card is sorta of a weird thing, bit of a odd size in my wallet, but it does fit easily.

Also there are some ESP symbols and the Triangle in the Circle symbol printed on it which is for a few of Banachek's ideas which are included in the instructions. Instructions overall are of good length, not too long, not too short, just like Goldilocks.

- you will have to memorize the script and some of the words on the list. Script is not that long.
- looks homemade
- most phases are not direct hits
- some phases can fail

- self contained
- fits in your wallet, ready to go at anytime
- some good ideas in it

I feel this product falls short. It could of been something great, but it falls a little short. Still some good thinking behind it, i think the product description does sound better than it is in reality. Still its worth getting if you have the extra cash i think. Otherwise skip it.


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