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 Post subject: Liquid Metal
PostPosted: Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:16 pm 
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Liquid Metal
By Morgan Strebler

:D :D :D :D / :D :D :D :D :D

Price: :)
$29.95 Not a bad price for such a great DVD. If you think about it, to buy a movie from Walmart, it is gonna be twenty to twenty five bucks! And then you don't even learn anything from it! Here, on Liquid Metal, you have over an hour and a half of entertaining teaching and performance!

DVD Quality: :D
The actual quality of this DVD is very good. There is a solid hour of quality teaching, and about half an hour of performance footage. As far as the teaching goes, Morgan goes through the entire routine THREE times. The first time is a basic teaching session, the second is an over-the-shoulder recap, and the last is another full teaching session with guest, Jay Noblezada! In that last one, Morgan goes through the routine, showing Jay (who has never performed it) everything he needs to know. There are also three bonus tricks at the end of the DVD that teach Morgan's amazing key bending routine, and several other fork bends.

Teaching: :)
Morgan is an excellent teacher. He gets every detail on camera, and like I said before, he teaches the entire routine three times. He kinda reminds me of myself in that he has trouble with his wording every once in a while. Not all the time, but once in a while he will pause as if not knowing what to say next. If you get the DVD you will probably see what I mean. This adds a personal touch, and you know you are getting the "real" Morgan Strebler rather than a pre-rehearsed script.
His performances are amazing, but kinda annoying at times since half the people he is performing for are totally drunk. His reactions are almost all really great, but with the people he is performing for, obviously they would be!

Effect: :)
The actual effect of the routine is amazing. It can be done with almost any fork. I love the fact that it can also be given away at the end as a souvenir! Since the video on Penguin does not actually show the routine in it's entirety, I am going to give you a fairly detailed description of the routine from their point of view, so you can know what to expect:

#1 Some guy comes up to you on the street holding onto two forks. He says, "I have something amazing to show you if you have a minute." He then tells me to pick one of the two forks. So I point to the one in his left hand. He drops the other fork on the ground, and tells me to watch it closely. He twists the fork in his hand, and with one final twist, the fork has a small corkscrew right in the middle!
#2 He then asks for my finger as he holds up the fork. He blows on my finger, and pushes on the back of the tines of the forks. Just like it was made of liquid, the fork bends downwards! He tells me to blow on it so I do, and the entire top of the fork falls off!
#3 He now picks up the other fork off the ground, and says that He is going to do something even cooler. He shakes it in front of my face, and as it slows down, one of the tines on the fork is bent upward!
#4 He now tells me that the fork is going to melt in my face! He holds it up to me pinching it in the middle. He gives it a little shake, and the fork droops down over his finger!
#5 He straightens out the fork, and places it in my hand. He begins twisting it, and I could actually feel it start to twist! When he pulled it out, it was twisted in a corkscrew right in the middle!
#6 He shakes it up and down again, and when he slows it down, the other three tines are bent in different directions!
#7 Lastly, he takes it and gives it one final big bend in the middle. He then hands it to me and tells me to keep it as a souvenir!

That is basically it. It looks amazing! The only thing that I do not like about this routine, is that you do have to work up your hand strength and toughness. It can be really hard to do, so if you are younger, say under 16, HOLD OFF ON THIS ONE unless you are willing to give it a lot of practice. Also, you are going to need a large supply of forks. You can get them cheap at Walmart for like 5 forks for a buck. And don't settle for like 20 forks either. Get at least 50 to start with.

In conclusion, I would like to say a big thanks to Morgan Strebler, for sharing this wonderful routine with us when it has taken him so far! I wish you all the best, Add to cart!

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