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 Post subject: New iPhone App: "Email Wizard"
PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:52 am 
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Hey Everyone. I've got a new iPhone app out I'd like to tell you about, "Email Wizard." This is an awesome new idea with TONS of possibilities. Here are just a few examples of what you will be able to do:

Effect #1: You send an email to a spectator and tell her that you included an image. You have her verify the email showed up in her inbox but instruct her not to open it yet. Imagine that you then have the spectator select a card from a deck, at which point you perform your favorite card routine. Afterwards, almost as an afterthought, you say "oh, go ahead and open that email now." Upon doing so, the spectator will see an image of the magician holding the chosen card.

Another effect: You ask her if she has a phone which she can receive an email on. She says yes, so you send her an email and explain that you included an image. She looks at her inbox and indeed sees that she has received an email with an attachment. You then hand the spectator a blank pad of paper and a sharpie. You ask her to concentrate on you first, and then her phone, and then to write down any number up to four digits long (zero to 9,999). Once she is satisfied, you hold up the number she wrote down for all to see, and then you ask her to open her email. Upon doing so, she will see a photo of a pad of paper with the same number written on it.

Lets take it even further: You send an email to spectator and ask her to verify she received it, but once again not to open it yet. You offer her a deck of cards and she makes a free choice. You then hand her a sharpie and ask her to draw an image, or a symbol, or word, or a number really big across the front. You then have her put the phone aside and perform the ambitious card routine. After a few phases of your routine, the spectator has probably forgotten all about that email which you sent before the card was even selected. After you are done with your routine, as you walk away, you say "oh, go ahead and look at that email now." When she does, she will see a photo of her selected card, with the same doodle drawn across it!

These are just a few examples of what you will be able to do with the Email Wizard app. You can load in over 10,000 images to use as your predictions. They can be images of anything, and you are limited only by your creativity. In addition to your pre-loaded images, there is also a "nailwriter" mode that opens up an infinite number of possibilities.

Wouldn't it be great if you could perform any of the above examples and truly never touch your phone after the email is sent? Well, it's possible, and we call it "Confederate Mode." If you have a friend who has his own iPhone with a copy of the app you can do some truly amazing things. Think about that for a second… your magician friend, with his own phone (and thus camera), can choose the image the spectator will see when she opens the email.

Some more facts about the app:
- The spectator gets a real email from your personal email address (You can include your contact details at the bottom of the email if you like!).
- A great app to perform over the phone.
- This is a "stealth" app, meaning the spectator will never know, or even suspect, that an app (other than Apple's Mail) was involved.
- The app does include a couple hundred images (including a deck of cards), however these are just to give you some ideas. It will be up to you to come up with a set of images and a routine to use.
- You can quit the app and come back later to finish the performance (even days later). This means that you can combine it with other magic apps.
- This is a slightly complex app (There are many customizable settings to learn about). In my opinion, this is not a purchase & perform immediately type app and will take some preparation. There are detailed instructions and almost a half hour of HD video tutorials (which can be viewed from your home computer as well).
- Can be repeated instantly. In fact if you have a group of people you can send an email prediction to each person and have a different image appear in their individual inboxes.

- At some point after you send the email you will need to pick your phone back up and give the screen a tap or two. Your images can be arranged in a couple different ways, and so depending on which album you want to access it may take just one tap or maybe five taps. The app can give you some help to give you an "excuse" to pick your phone back up if you like. It will only take you a second and the screen can be in view while you do it. Of course you also have "Confederate Mode!"
- This will not work on every brand of phone your spectator might have. Different phones, different email programs, and also user settings will vary the way images are displayed. On some phones the spectator will have to tap a "download image" button after they open the email. I have found that Blackberries never seem to work, they don't seem to like displaying images. So far that is the only phone I have come across that does not work at all.
- Although this could be a standalone trick, it is best if you integrate it with your current magic routine (for example your ambitious card routine).
- Both you and your spectator will need an internet connection.

The initial price for this app is $15.99, but it will go up after a few iTunes ratings and reviews roll in. I truly believe this will become one of your favorite magic apps and I am confident you will think it is a good value. I am very open to ideas and suggestions for improvements or additions. If you have a feature request, just shoot me an email and I'll see if it is something I can make happen!

More info can be found on the iTunes page:
And also here:

Let me know if you have any questions about what you can or can't do with the app!


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