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 Post subject: Serendipity by Collector's Workshop
PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:59 am 
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Here is a link to a Video Review of both the Joe Porper Strong Box and the Collector's Workshop Serendipity

**note to Mods** I made two threads for the same review because the video covers both items. I did this because, when this thread gets buried, I want people looking for a review of each item to easily be able to google search for the review. I hope that is okay. Thanks ***

Joe Porper Strong Box
Price: $250 (though most shops selling it sell for less than that)
Where to buy: ... __1598.htm

Who is it good for:

Professional magicians and mentalists doing stage, small stage, and parlor venues.
Amateurs with a large magic budget who perform in parlor sized venues and up.
Collectors of magic and puzzle boxes.

What does it do?

Produces small objects from a locked box. Any size ring or coin will fit. Mercury folded cards and folded billets will fit.

Load speed-
2-5 seconds. Easy and quick to load. Little practice needed.

How inspectable is it?

I would almost trust this thing for a publicity event. There is a way it could be passed out for a weeks worth of inspection and I am 99% sure that no one would discover the method. There is another way it could be passed out and I would give it a 90% chance that you could leave the room for a half hour or more and the method would not be detected. Add that all up and you are 100% safe to use this and let spectators handle this while you are on site and can do a little spectator management if needed.

Collectors Workshop Serendipity

Price: $40.00
Where to buy:

Who's it good for?

Amateur and Professional magicians working in close-up environments.

What does it do?

Produces signed coins(quarter sized and below) spectators rings (medium sized and below) Signed torn corner cards and signed double mercury folded cards(ie. folded 4 times)

Load speed-
5-10 seconds depending on practice. This will take some work and routining to make it look smooth.

How inspectable is it?

This could not be left alone with a spectator challenged to find the secret. That said, if handled correctly will draw no suspicion and the spectator can be given the lighter to fish out their card, coin, or ring. With well rehearsed routining, practice and spectator control there is no chance the gimmick will be discovered. With poor routining, practice, and spectator control there is probably a 50% chance the spectator will catch on.

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