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 Post subject: Roulette - Chris Rawlins
PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:02 am 

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So I have taken some time to really take in the properties of this book, I have tried several of the effects and here I will give MY opinions.

While many of you know I am a friend of Chris’, I really am giving my honest opinion of his new book “Roulette”.

So first we will start with where to get the book from.

If you are interested in a physical copy of the book (at the amazing price of £18), it is available directly from Chris just drop him an email.

If you on the other hand would like the Ebook, it is available from (at £10)

The price for the material within is fantastic and a steal at less than 20 pounds!

I know a book should not be judged for its cover, but I think quality is another lovely property about this book. The printing is fantastic, everything is easily readable and the pictures are excellent quality.

The book is 82 pages long, is literally crammed with excellent information and contains a lovely forward from Luke Jermay.


Credit guard

A psychological game involving two envelopes; the subject seals their credit/bank card into a pay envelope and another identical pay envelope is a dummy credit card. The envelopes are both mixed by the performer and he is able to correctly influence the subject to find his card!
As an added kicker, the subject is asked to remove his card, keeping it hidden at all times and concentrate at the first four digits of the long number on the front. The performer is able to correctly call off the numbers!
The subject seals their card, no gimmicked envelopes, they never write the numbers down, you don’t ever peek at the card and everything is examinable before and after!

Clipboard peek

This is my favourite out of the whole book; this had me fooled for months! This is a real time peek, no carbon, no impressions.
It is like nothing you have read before

My version of a classic

This is Chris’ fantastic take on a chair test, ultimately fair conditions and a fantastic kicker to end with! The same with all Chris’ work everything is clean, clean and clean!


Here you get to get a look into Chris’ mind, take a look at some of his thoughts.


Three subjects are handed a piece of card, are asked to stare at the card and imagine one or two letters of the alphabet and when they have them write them on the card. The audience are then asked to look at the letters, create a set of words out of the letters and decide upon one as a group.

The performer reveals he has already predicted exactly what word the audience will decide upon before the show even started!
The cards do not prompt the subjects; everyone in this routine is thoroughly impressed.
Phonebook prediction (addition).

An addition to any phone book prediction to make the odds seem even more impossible!

The Yellow ball that fooled Mark Oberon

Three cups are verified to be opaque, a yellow ball is introduced and it is explained that the performer will turn his back. When the performers back is turned the subject is instructed to place the yellow ball under any cup he desires.
The performer turns around, he is able to divine which cup the ball is under every time! If that wasn’t enough he invites another subject to participate, the performer/ new subject do not look and the ball is placed under the cup.

The subject is able to divine where the ball is!

The cups are not marked; the subject is not prompted by the performer he has free choice at all times (when it comes to his turn to find the ball).

Kicker chirp top

A small envelope is produced and it is explained that inside there are two poker chips. The performer influences the subject to correctly predict the colour of the two poker chips!

The subject is then asked to choose one of the poker chips (no equivoque) and the performer reveals he knew exactly which chip the subject would choose in a very unusual manner.


This is Chris’ second essay in the book.

The push slide peek (bonus effect)

A peek for playing cards, and/or business cards (with a little adjusting)

Little lead in

A fantastic introduction to any effect, a subject is correctly able to divine the amount of fingers the performer is holding up (every time).


This is Chris’ re-adaptation of one of the strongest (in my opinion) pieces of mentalism. Using this utility you can correctly divine ANY piece of information from a subject!

My overall opinions

It is instantly noticeable when reading this Chris has taken his time to really select some of his strongest pieces of mentalism. I know personally each of the routines have been tested live, not only Lay folk, but magi’s alike!

Often you can (in your mind) over hype something and make it out to be at such a high standard (before you read it) and then when you finally get to read it you find you are disappointed by the contents. I can honestly say this book was not a let down. It is layered with fantastic psychological principles and I know each effect will quickly fit into any performers set.

The material is practical, will play of amazingly to any audience and is only moments away from being in your repetoir.

I am not a marketing stooge for Chris, if I thought the book was S**T I would say so! In my opinion this is a fantastic follow on from “Mind experiments” and I really look forward to Chris future releases!

Pete x

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