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 Post subject: Card Artistry by Justin Flom
PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:35 am 

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Card Artistry by Justin Flom -

The spectator chooses a card, remembers it and puts it back into the deck. After a few fair cuts and shuffles the magician begins what looks like a riffle shuffle - but rather than complete the shuffle proceeds to paint the mona lisa out of playing cards. The mona lisa portrait is holding the spectators chosen card. Alternatively the magician can take a photo of the spectators head using the deck and then proceed to 'print' out a brain scan (X-ray) in a similar manner and the spectators chosen card is shown inside spectators head.

Price: $39.95

I feel the teaching was spot on. The effect is rather simple to work out, and obviously uses some custom cards. But the overall feel is that this is a fun effect first and magical effect second.

Without spoilers - the sleight required is taught well enough, but is completely open to you using your own method. The important part of the teaching section is the painting of the cards for the reveal. The technique is explained quite well which made learning and practising the actual 'painting' technique far easier.

As for the overall quality of the DVD (audio/visuals) - the audio is always clear and the video is high quality. I was not disappointed or annoyed at it.

The Custom Cards:
The custom cards you get are of great quality, they should be treated with care obviously - but I can see them lasting me for a good while. The detail on the cards, specifically the mona lisa, was appreciated - it makes each reveal look as if these are brand spanking new cards.

If you can force a card, and put in the practice for the painting technique that is taught on the dvd - I will rate the difficulty 3/10. I spent a good three days just doing the final reveal painting technique and can tell by the reactions thus far it was definitely worth paying attention to and not trying to do my own thing.

I use this as a closer to my walk around card routine -- I put the deck I have been using away just as the spectators go "OH GAWD MOAR" then bring out the artistry setup. It is truly a close up worker and walk around magicians friend.

Overall Rating: 10/10 - excellent quality, completely adaptable for your own handlings and routine -- just listen to the 'painting' technique Justin teaches and give it the practice it deserves.

A heads up guys - if you are going to purchase this - pay the extra and get the set that includes both the Mona Lisa card set and the Brain Scan card set -- it is fun to mix it up :D

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