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 Post subject: MO-JO BOOGIE BOX
PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:25 pm 

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No Need For Years of Practice & Self-Denial! The Boxes and Routine Do All The Work! Auto Reset! Simple Moves! There is ONE sleight and one “subtlety”. I’ve played around w/ Okito boxes on and off and some of the sleights can be fairly tough. NOT SO WITH THIS SLEIGHT. Probably the easiest sleight you’ll ever learn. The subtlety is no biggie either. No Angles! Not quite true, don’t want anyone directly behind looking over your shoulder. Otherwise, those behind you can be shielded from the only sleight by doing it directly in front of you at chest level. No Palming! No Special Coins!

Makes The Poor Man Rich and The Rich Man Poor!


Three coin boxes. Two are empty. The spectator examines and fills the third with half dollars. A three-shell game for the millennium - the coins continually vanish from the box they’re in and appear in one of the other boxes. An empty box is pushed aside. Just two boxes are left in play, one empty, one with the coins. The coins vanish from one box, skip the second box and the spectator finds them way over there in the discarded box!

Special precision machined coin boxes with eye-catching jeweled lids. (A Kueppers Exclusive) I believe the jeweled lids are only available in the aluminum version but call Mr. Kueppers and talk to him personally about what you want.

Tarnish and rust resistant (Again, I believe this is true of the aluminum version, probably not the brass version. Personally, I like brass and I like it to show some age. I’m hoping mine develop a nice patina over time / use.)boxes can be used for hundreds of other magic effects.

Comes with Black Velvet drawstring bag (I rx’d three small bags instead of the one bag to hold all three boxes. It was cool though, I’d already planned on a “container” instead of the bag before I rx’d the set. I took an antique, tin cigar box – lined it w/ closed-cell foam and cut out to hold the boxes. Keeps the boxes in order and gives specs an “interesting” prop to consider as I launch into my patter line) , 14 page Manuscript (Upon receipt, my manuscript only included every other page, a quick email to Mr. Kueppers rectified that as he emailed the document to me. Now I have an e-version so if I ever lose the hardcopy – or destroy it through use and review – I can just print another) filled with instructions, 21 illustrations, extra tips, and two dynamite routines by world-famous Magician Bob Farmer!


Prices are listed on Mr. Kueppers website for many versions / sizes of box, including aluminum and brass versions of each size. Again, I recommend an email and phone call to nail down what you want. I did this and received a PayPal invoice via email. I do wish it wasn’t quite so affordable, I’d really like to keep this one to myself but I told Mr. Kueppers I’d post some reviews after playing with it awhile.[/b]

Teaching: How was the quality of the teaching/instructions of the effect?

The quality of the instruction manual is EXCELLENT!!!! Step-by-step instructions, two possible patter-lines / stories, interjected alternate handlings, tips, humor….all great and wonderful stuff. It's too good in my opinion, too easy for many to appreciate the effect.

I’m a huge fan of magic from the written word and believe much great magic is written a bit “vaguely” and believe it’s a good thing – it makes you work for the info and appreciate it / guard it more when you get it. These instructions make it TOO EASY to comprehend and practice the effect.

Quality of materials(if it is a gimmick etc.):

The quality of the boxes and bags I received was nothing short of EXCELLENT. The boxes have a weight to them that the Johnson, and other manufactured, boxes don’t have. I like them. I have a few Kirkendahl Okito boxes and they are similar in craftsmanship.

As far as I’m concerned these boxes are perfect, perfect weight, perfect balance, perfect in appearance. The lids seem a bit larger than lids to other boxes and initially playing with them seemed easier to execute sleights than with other boxes from other manufacturers.

Besides the Johnson O-Kort-O box set, I have some boxes from other manufacturers and the only ones I like as much are the Kirkendahl boxes I bought thru antique magic auctions.

Also, if you order this don’t expect it to be in the mail tomorrow. Along with this set of boxes / effect I ordered a different set of boxes, a couple other boxes, and some spare lids. It took almost six months to receive but kept monthly communication w/ Mr. Kueppers during the entire time. Art and craftsmanship at this level takes time.[/b]


Within MINUTES of studying the sleight and subtlety you’ll be on your way to practicing this effect. I normally put a MINIMUM of two to four weeks into practicing / rehearsing an effect before showing anyone. With this I was showing family, friends, and co-workers and refining my timing and tightening up my patter after a week. I gave it a month before I showed it at an I.B.M. Ring meeting.


If you work with coins you can integrate this, if you work with Okito boxes you can integrate this, if you work w/ gambling themes you can integrate this. This is a GREAT close-up effect. You can work it out of your pockets if you can develop a pocket “system” to keep track of the boxes. I solved this with my small cigar box which will fit into a jacket pocket. I've performed the effect both sitting and standing. You DO NEED TABLE SPACE, think the THREE SHELL GAME with okito boxes. You can do this surrounded w/ a bit of care.

I WOULD NOT use this for an opener because I use it as a “story” effect and it takes a bit for the magic to start (but when it does…..WOW). I’d ONLY use it as a closer unless you have something VERY, VERY STRONG to follow it with

Overall Rating:

9.5 or 10 out of ten…….can’t say enough good stuff about this. For this “rating” to be true, great diligence must be paid to the timing of action and patter-line. The patter-lines included in the instructions are GREAT but I came up with my own, based on mostly true history re: myself. If you can’t make the patter YOURS and BELIEVABLE and avoid the “sucker” type gambling theme, you just might be disappointed in your spec reactions.

I don’t get the yelling and swearing type of response. I’ve been getting (from day one of performing this) the jaw drops, the head shakes, the “…what the …?” type of responses followed by lots of quiet, smiling, and laughing…….the only person to guess the basic method is a very experienced magician who also told me he’d never seen the concept or Okito boxes really used in a “shell game” theme and he was very impressed with the effect. I’ve been asked by another magician who is / was a worker if I could show him how I did it (which I haven’t done)……all great and wonderful stuff………

I do hope people who obtain this effect don’t just run out and start performing immediately. This is one of those effects you’ll want to do forever and do it right. Give this effect the amount of work, time, practice, rehearsal, and appreciation it deserves and you won’t be disappointed, neither will your specs……

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