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 Post subject: New iPhone App: "Ghost Card"
PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:43 pm 
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Hey everyone! I'm very excited to tell you about a new iPhone app from "Ghost Card."

$14.99 for now, might go up in the future. I know that seems like a lot for "just an app," but keep in mind it's cheaper than most regular tricks you buy from a shop.

Can be found in the iTunes AppStore here: Ghost Card iPhone App

Here's a demo video (also see below): Ghost Card Demo Video

There are lots of photo prediction apps out there (including one of mine, "101 Deck") where you say "earlier today I took a photo…" and you display a photo you supposedly took at some time in the past. Good stuff, but what if you could take a prediction photo right then and there, with the spectator actually in the photo? Well, now you can!

Here's the basic idea: Begin by saying "I'm going to have you pick a card, but first I want to pick a card myself…" You take a card out of the deck, keep it hidden to the spectator, hold it up for the camera and snap a photo (with the spectator in the photo as well). Phone goes down on the table, cards get shuffled up. From here you do whatever card routine you like. At some point the spectator chooses a card. You vanish it, it reappears, vanished again. Everyone is immensely impressed and you start to walk away. "Oh wait, remember that photo I took before we even began?" You open up your photo album… "I knew you were going to pick that card." And there in your album is the photo you took, clearly showing you holding the chosen card with the spectator in the photo as well. Thus proving without a doubt you made an impossible prediction.

A few disclaimers before I keep going: First, this trick requires a gaff card. Probably the most common gaff card out there, you most likely have it already, and after reading this sentence I bet you know what it is. Second, this app uses an enormous amount of processing power, and thus the newer/faster your phone is the better. It works great on the 5, pretty good on the 4S, and not so great on the 4 (I'd personally not recommend this app if you have an iPhone 4). It's not available if you have a 3Gs or earlier. It would most likely melt the processor anyway.

Third, this is not the type of app that "just works." iPredict "just works." Every time you make that call you know what you're going to get and you know it's going to work, and there's no chance some kid is going to pick up and go "Hello?" It works the same way day in and day out and you don't need to do anything different as you move around the room. This app relies on the camera, and so different lighting conditions have an impact on how you need to use the app to get a good result. If you follow the steps I give to take the photo, you'll end up with a good result 98.479% of the time. You'll need to experiment a little and learn how to help the app take a photo that will give you a good result (just doing a quick test photo/setup every time you move will help). If you understand how the app works you won't have any trouble.

Ok back to the magic. There's lots of possibilities on how to use this. Perhaps a reverse mind reading. Pick a card, take a photo, and have the spectator read your mind and tell you which card you picked. Since you have photo proof, you can't be accused of switching the card!

Another idea to leave a lasting impressing: Take the photo, do your thing, then at the end say "remember that photo? I knew what card you were going to choose. I'll post it to my facebook page, go have a look if you want." You can post to facebook, twitter, email it or SMS exactly the same way you would any other photo in your album (you hit the "share" button). Do this to get some likes on your page, or if you email them the photo they will have your contact details.

- This app does include what we call "Confederate Mode." If you have a friend that also has a phone and a copy of the app, you can take the photo and your buddy can make the secret entry on his phone, which will then be sent over to yours. So this means you can take the photo, hand your iPhone to the spectator, then at the end of the routine have the spectator open up the photo album herself. You never have to touch the phone!

- You can end "clean" if you choose, meaning the image will be in your real camera roll and so at the reveal you won't be in the app anymore. If the spectator starts snooping around there won't be anything fishy.

- A "stealth app" in every way possible. Your spectators will never know an app was involved. Everything they see looks "normal."


Q: Hey jerk, when does this app time bomb and stop working like your last app, Email Wizard?
A: January 1st, 2087. Actually no. The app is self contained, it does not require any behind the scenes server or support. So there is no off switch.

Q: Card tricks are lame. Does this only work with cards?
A: Yes, for now just cards. The door is open to other possibilities, but we need to start somewhere and playing cards are all the same size and color (usually). And hey, I like card magic, so there! ESP cards are probably the next step.

Q: Can the spectator hold the card?
A: Yes. You just need to guide them to hold the card the way you want. And no peeking on their part.

Q: Can you perform this surrounded?
A: Not quite. At the point where you take the photo, a few controls pop up on the screen and so you don't want anyone to see that. However, not a problem as you don't want anyone to see the card you're taking a photo of anyway, so there should not be anyone behind you.

Q: Android version on the way?
A: Nothing in works now. Maaaaaaybe in the future. I'll have to wait and see how well the iPhone version is received by you all, then we can talk Droid.

Q: What's with the name "Ghost Card" anyway?
A: Yeah… try finding a name for an app that's not already taken. An early concept for this effect was something like "You know how ghosts only show up on camera? I have some cards that only show up on camera…" Or something like that. Although I still kinda sorta like that routine idea it means revealing the gaff card(s) to the spectator. Some magicians are against that idea.

So, there you have it. I hope you like it, and of course if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at or just post a question here.

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