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 Post subject: Scribble by Jeff Prace
PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:44 pm 
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I learn a lot of the material from my staple repertoire from magic magazines. As it's been said before, that's the best way to find material that almost nobody else knows about. One of the routines I've done for a very long time is Jeff Prace's Scribbles of Destiny. It's practical, VERY visual and very easy to set-up and perform.

When I heard that Jeff Prace was releasing an updated version of the effect on video, my heart sank. It is such a great effect! How many people are now going to be sharing in the pool of great reactions that I'm getting from this little known trick?

Well, it was worth getting over my selfishness, as the new download was FULL of incredible routines and ideas. I'll go through some of my favorites one by one and give my thoughts.


This is where it all began. You have someone select a card out of the deck. You pull out a doodle app (for grocery lists and the like) and have them draw random squiggles. With just a snap, the squiggles change into the name of the signed card.

This is a really, really pretty piece of magic. When Jeff does it, it feels like you can really see the squiggles materialize into the shape of the chosen card. This is the one I've performed for several years now and it's great.

Rising Card:

A card is selected. You draw a deck of cards on your doodle app, the spectator holds it and is told to thrust the deck upwards. The drawn selection pops out of the drawn pack.

This one happens in a spectators hands and is always good. It plays like a close-up version of Sketchpad Rising Card but has such a near instant reset that it may be a new go-to routine for me.

Inkblot Test:

This is the holy grail of iPhone magic (that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the iPhone). A card is selected by a spectator and the same spectator is asked to draw any lines or anything that comes to mind in an attempt to "read their subconscious". With no moves, the lines are shown to another spectator who, after a few seconds of looking into the lines, is able to call out the name of the card.

This is a brilliant and absolutely clean handling. My favorite part about this one is that the iPhone seems to have nothing to do with it at all. It's used solely as an impromptu doodle pad, and focus is not on it at all.


You've gotta love the in-line on this one. "I don't carry a wallet. Here's why." The magician draws a coin on the iPhone (lots of room for comedy here) and visually plucks out a real coin from the phone. This looks PERFECT and is a great introduction to any coin routine.

With the new Bitcoin craze, I can't see this being ANY more timely and justified.


This one is my favorite on the download, and is easily a testament to why Jeff Prace is one of the most creative magicians I know. The magician turns off his phone and seemingly with the power of his mind turns the phone back on. The power and home buttons are in full view the entire time.

I was fooled when I saw it, and then taken aback when I saw the explanation. All focus is on the iPhone, so it's not for everyone, but you can immediately hand out the iPhone afterwards. I WILL be using this.


I see a lot of downloads/DVDs that are either two long or two short. I heard it said once before to "be exhaustive, but not exhausting", and I think Jeff Prace has hit the nail on the head here. Everything is VERY clearly explained and this download will only inspire you to create more with the concept.

If you have an iPhone, Scribble is highly recommended.

 Post subject: Re: Scribble by Jeff Prace
PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:51 pm 

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I can't wait for some of his other iphone magic!

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