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 Post subject: Draven Review's Big Bang
PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:14 pm 
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Title: Big Bang v.2
Artist: Chris Smith performed by Christian Pipo
Producers: Magic Smith
Retail Price: $70.00 USD
Learning Difficulty: Easy
Length of DVD: 15 minutes
Notes: Performance of this trick will result in broken glass. Please perform safely.

Instructional DVD
Big Bang Gimmick

DVD Features:
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The spectator signs a real working light bulb that can be tested to prove authenticity, and the signed bulb is placed into a clear plastic bag held shut by an office style bull dog clip. The spectator focuses on the bag for a second and BAM! The lightbulb explodes from within the bag.

Big Bang v.2 is exactly like version one in operations and handling. The only difference is that version two now has a more angled looking clip as opposed to the strait across one previously sold. I believe the new look is more natural in appearance. The product is very straight forward and easy to use. Insert bulb into bag, attach clip, say the magic words and help the spectator remove their jaw from the ground. Some of the draw backs though I’ve found is that the magic happens a little too fast. You can’t instantly repeat this without some set up time, all be it that set up time is really short. Attaching the clip to the bag so that the gimmick can work also is a bit annoying at first. It will take some practice to learn how to do it smoothly to avoid arousing suspicion, but once you’ve got it down you’re good to go. The device also comes with a built in alternative performance option that allows you to put a signed coin into the light bulb. It’s a solid through solid presentation with an unexpected explosive ending. I myself don’t do a lot of coin work, but for the visual flair this is one I’d probably use.

The product comes with a DVD, which I’m not quite so sure it needs. Honestly the device is very intuitive, and at 14 minutes in length I’m not sure the DVD is going to be able to teach you anything you couldn’t figure out for yourself, but I suppose it’s helpful to have a video aid to guide you through your first few bulbs or so. The video quality is nothing to write home about. It looks like it was shot on a cell phone. At least the sound is clear.

This is a great trick for parlor or street magic if you don’t mind caring around a stash of light bulbs with you. The reactions are well worth it, and the spectator can walk away with a little souvenir of an experience they’ll talk about for years to come. The reset time isn’t really anything you would need to worry about unless you’re planning on working in an environment that requires you to have instant resets. Performance of Big Bang will require you to use plastic bags to hold the light bulb in. You can buy refills from the dealer directly, or you can use any sufficiently thick zip lock freezer back cut down to the size of the bags supplied with the trick when you first get it. The thicker the bag you use the better so as to prevent glass from slicing through and exploding out of it.

When I give my product scores below I am measuring them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 Being absolute the worst score possible, and 10 being the absolute best, making a score of five average. The four points that I grade upon is Product Quality, Teaching Quality, Sound & Video Quality and Overall Quality.

Product Quality: 8
Great little trick with a couple of presentation angles. Very visual!

Teaching Quality:7
The DVD is taught by Christian Pipo. I’m not sure this product really needed a DVD to go with it, but it was nice to see some performance suggestions for presentation.

Video & Sound Quality:4
Poor video quality, but at least the sound is decent.

Overall Quality: 7
Outside of the need to refill your supply of bags, and need to restock on light bulbs which you can buy cheaply at any dollar store, this is a pretty neat effect. Magic Smith produces another trick called “lightning” which I would highly recommend to perform with Big Bang.

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