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 Post subject: Scotch and Soda routine. To be done for ladies.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 9:58 pm 

Joined: 09 Aug 2007
Posts: 3
This is a S&S set that I have used for years on dates...or to get dates. It has been highly successful and is a great lead in or close to a routine.

It goes like this:

Hello there miss, would you like to hear a love story?

Well, there was a girl. (The insert English penny is presented copper up) Doesn’t every story begin with a girl? She was beautiful, with bronze curls pulled back by a windswept ribbon…her strength and resolve obvious at all times…but she was tender and soft too…though only one received her undivided love. He was mysterious and handsome. (Half Dollar shell presented, face to face with English penny) He was good with words, gentle, confident, masculine and firm.

…But he was from America and she from Britain. Though a trip brought them together it would soon pull them apart. You see, she was the future queen of England and he the Democratic nominee to the American presidency. He was a married man…she was married to her position. They spent nights together in secrecy, and days sharing gestures and gazes from afar. (Pull the coins apart to compliment this statement)

It was short lived however. His plane embarked just a week later…they could spend just one last night together. (Coins placed in the palm of the specs hand) In front of droves of reporters he left for America with only a handshake goodbye (spec is told to squeeze her hand tightly to secure the Scotch and Soda)…without indication as to whether he would ever be able to see her again.

He went on to become president; he had his wife…his kids. But a part of him always felt alone. (Spec is then told to open hand, revealing the presence of the sole half dollar)

One thing is for certain though…he always kept her close to his heart and fresh in his mind. (The half dollar is pressed against the breast pocket where the standard English penny has been held. She is then pulled out and the young lady spec may examine the entire process.)

She was never to marry, for she loved no other man like she did Johnny.

But that’s love; it doesn’t always follow the rules of society…just as magic doesn’t always follow the rules of nature.



I hope you all find it useful. Expand it, minimize it, alter it...its very affective. Just make sure her boyfriend isnt within earshot!

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