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 Post subject: Cool Idea for coin in pen cap at school or ...
PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:41 pm 
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Here is what I think is a cool idea for school, or college, or anywhere where people use Sharpies... Maybe the office. Also helps if some of these people are " Conspiracy Theorists" You'll see what I mean.


1 Green Sharpie 1 purple Sharpie. ( you will only use the green one in the routine.)

2 Quarters. If you follow my suggestion doing the effect will cost you 1 of these quarters.

Prepare each so that it says on the face of each quarter.." Dear fellow magician, keep the magic flowin' from your friends at Sharpie." One green, one purple."

Knowledge of some Coin in Pen cap effect. If you don't know any, David Stone has a whole routine in his Vol 1 DVD, also One of Michael Ammar's Money Miracle DVD's may also have it.

Presentation: It helps if they have seen you do coin tricks in the past. Act all forlorn and curse how Sharpie is discontinuing their Magician Special for the time being. It may be back, but when you call customer service, they say they have no idea when they will be doing it again.

When someone asks what that is, act like you let something slip you should have kept to yourself. Then say.." Ok since you guys are so cool I'll tell you... See Sharpie made a secret agreement with the (insert magical organization... IBM, ... SAM... Whoever ) to include a free quarter for any magicians that buy their product let me show you..."

Do Coin in Pen cap with one quarter that says.. " Dear Fellow magician, Keep the magic flowing....from your friends at Sharpie." In GREEN.

Now after you have done it tell them that for the time being they will be discontinuing the "offer" but that plenty of the older Sharpies still have the quarters in them...but that only Magicians can get them out.,..

When they look at you incredulously, ask to borrow a sharpie... and shake them against your ear..' I am listening for the rattle.." ( Davis Stone uses this with a transferr of quarter from hand to hand under the cover of shaking the pen next to each ear, as a way to imply that both hands are empty). Do this til you get a Purple Sharpie. You guessed it, your other quarter says the same as your green quarter... but in Purple. I choose to give away the purple quarter since I think it contrasts better with the silver of the quarter. ( You should have plenty of misdirection to pull out your purple quarter since everyone is pulling out their sharpies.) I also use different coins to get the idea out of their head that you are just using the same coin... the fact that the purple coin comes out of a purple sharpie should convince them that every older sharpie, has a quarter in it. ( From time to time use a different colored sharpie, so they don't think it's just the purple ones.)

Now you produce the purple quarter... maybe do a few more effects..but when done just hand this quarter back to the owner of the original sharpie... " Oh here's your quarter." "Oh just want you to know Sharpie has been sworn to secrecy and will not reveal how to get the quarters out...if you are a magician then you either know how to get them out... or you'd know the secret password to give to Sharpie's Customer service line. Fact is, they will not even acknowledge that there IS a secret Quarter and will act like you are nuts to even ask, unless you work the secret password into the request." " No I cannot tell you how, or what the password is, I am a magician and have been sworn to secrecy. And don't ask any other magicians, they have also been sworn to secrecy, and will act as if you were insane... unless you work the secret password into the conversation."

May be an interesting way to get more people involved in Magic. Maybe someone expresses an interest, and you can direct them to a good dealer etc..

I think this works on a few levels, the first being, you give away a quarter to the person that " lent" you their sharpie. It implies that it was his quarter, and that all you did was get the quarter out for them. No one would imagine you would just give money away, although the price is pretty cheap considering the effect it has on the effect.

Dai Vernon says all effects should have an emotional hook to keep the spectators interested. What is a better hook than the potential for free money?

The spectator has a souvenir he cannot adequately explain how he got, unless he says what you told him.." secret magician deal with sharpie. " Reminds me of Ammar's card on ceiling in that the effect lives on after you've performed it, since the spec has a quarter he will more than likely never spend, and an awesome conversation piece.

Also if you perform this once a week, by the end of the year, there will be 50 quarters flowing around with Sharpie's message to magicians. Your name will be spread as a magician.. advertising for a quarter...pretty cheap :-)

Lastly...someone...among those will be so curious they will probably call Sharpie and ask about their " magician special".

Just the idea of this should be worth the 25 cents :-) The spec is adamant they are keeping it a secret. ( remember the Conspiracy Theorist suggestion above?) And customer service is insistent that it does not exist. maybe he tries tossing words in at random.." Abracadabra!".." Hocus Pocus..." lol

Anyway, I hope you guys give this a try, and tell me what reactions you get :-)

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