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 Post subject: From Fcchief, mod bashing and other items
PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:29 pm 
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I have been following these thread and there seem to be a couple of users here who have been stirring the pot as of late concerning mods, and the forums, especially the Off Topic.

First off if you do not like the way the forums are modded or ran, then go somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am being brutally honest here. People rant about their threads being deleted (most get moved to a private forum for use in proving our case against a member who says "What did I do to deserve banning"). The fact is most of the threads end up waaaaay off topic or have as of late questionable material or violation of the rules.

I have said this before and will say it again: Maxwell and Acar want this place for anyone to be able to browse without the fear of seeing or reading something which is debasing another, of any sort of sexual innuendo, profanity or anything which you would not say to your mom or dad"

That is their will for the forums, if you want to post childish things talk about things in a raunchy matter then go somewhere else.
We are not appointing mods to each forum since it seems there are only a couple of forums we have problems with , Off Topic being the worst.
And for Frijid, mods have lives, some are married with families, jobs, homes to care for, others may not be married but are working, and some go to school or travel for a living at times. So what you are saying is that we should get mods that have no lives that can spend 8-10 hrs a day on the boards to immediately delete that offensive post or spam?? I think not, I could see the boards now.
I have been here before these boards existed like this too Frijid, and you know as well as I do the cycle they go through, or have you forgotten?? Some mods do moderate but make the personal choice not to post. That is their perogative. I have seen from some users a disrespect towards the mods, either singularly or collectively. This is agains the rules and if you don't like the rules then GO somewhere else.
Penguin Magic owns these boards, they approved the rules and the owners have standards which they want to enforce. We mods will try to enforce those standards.
Banned members who come back will be banned without warning, why should we warn them?? They were banned. Also I am looking at a couple of members who are pushing the envelope.
If you do not care about what I just posted then take it up with Acar or Maxwell.

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