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 Post subject: Big shakeup on the escapes area of the Magic Cafe
PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 7:59 am 

Joined: 03 Jan 2006
Posts: 74
Hi all,

Today I noticed that overnight there seems to have been a big exercise in cleaning house over on the All Tied Up escape section of the Magic Cafe.

For those who do not post there or visit, (I myself was banned for life some time back), the head mod of the thread, "Mr. Escape" Steve Baker, and a number of his buddies have apparantly left or been kicked out of the forum.

It is likely that this occured as a direct result of all the bickering and character assasination that these folks constantly were practicing over there.

Of note; I myself was often a victim of this at the hands of Baker and crew and it was only after I stuck up for myself and spoke out against what was obviously a dictatorship over there that I was banned.

I know in the past that these same folks who do not now have The Cafe escape section as a forum to do thier dirty work have tried to come over here to carry it out.

Fortunately, the moderators and those in charge of the Penguin escape forum run a tight ship and have done thier best to prevent this sort of immature behavior from spreading like the destructive cancer it became on The Magic Cafe.

And this is a good thing.

People in escapes or trying to get into them only want to learn and grow.

And some of us want to share our experience and try to help others out without being censored, deleted, and shunned under the rule of a select few who for ego stroking, insecurity, or other reasons want to suppress truth and genuine advice designed to assist rather than hinder.

There is never only one and proper school of thought and artistic expression and diverse opinions should always be encouraged to flow; not be stomped out in favor of utter and total domination, the feeding of egos, or campaigns based on personal vendettas.

Democracy and free thought are the only way to go.

I sincerely hope they continue to flourish and grow here!

Best regards to all, Steve Santini

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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