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 Post subject: The Forum Guide
PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 10:44 pm 
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Welcome all to Penguin Town,
The Official Forums of Penguin Magic!

This Online Store is owned by Acar Altinsel and Maxwell Murphy. Two friends that decided to make a shop.

Without further ado let me cover some questions that are frequently asked on the boards. Hopefully when you're done reading this you will be all set to start posting A.S.A.P! Lets begin!

Why Penguin Magic?
Just a name Maxwell and Acar came up with. I dont think it really has any significant meaning.

Free Shipping?
You got it. Penguin Magic offers free shipping always. 24/7. 365. If you live in another country i.e Canada, your order can take up to 2 weeks + to arrive. This is because of customs holding your package at the border etc.

Instant Downloads?
These are tricks Penguin sells that don't require any special gaffs or gimmicks. If any gaffs/gimmicks are required they will be mailed upon purchasing the ID. Instant Downloads are immediately deposite into your Penguins Only section right after your order is placed. If you order via Paypal it may be a day or two depending on how long it takes to verify your account information. If you order with any credit card, it should verify immediately.

Penguin Music?
The music for all the demos here at Penguin Magic is done by a group called Trancenden. Google it for further details.

Demo Video's?
One of the greatest features Penguin has is its Large variety of Demos. If you want to see the effect actually performed before purchasing, it really comes in handy. Almost every Product that penguin carries has a demo video. To see if a video has a demo there will be several icons to the right that look like so:

Who are the guys in the Demos?
For the most part, Magician Oz Pearlman and Jaysin Noblezada are the two Magi's who perform in the demos. Occasionaly you will also see demos from Jay Sankey, Anthony Miller and Morgan Strebler. For more information on these magicians see the links below

Oz Pearlman ,
Morgan Strebler
Jay Sankey or

My Penguin Magic?
This section of the site can be located by the big green button at the top of the site.
In this section of Penguin Magic you will find all the Instructional videos that come with your product orders. If the effect has an Instructional video that comes with it, it will have a picture that looks like this:

This means that whatever effect you purchased, a video will be added to your penguin magic section and you can learn via video instructions how to perform the effect. Very helpful because instructions can be very confusing sometime!

Here is a step by step process to save your Penguins Only videos! This tutorial was created by Matt Smith. Thanks Matt.

1. Go to the "My Penguin Magic" section of the Website.


2. Find the video that you want to save, and click on it.


3. Wait for the Pop-up box to load.


4. RIGHT click on the Format that you desire, and a menu will appear. Click on "Save link as..."(FF) or "Save Target as ..."(IE).


5. A box will appear, all it wants you to do is find the location you want to save it (#1), then name the video what you want it to be called (#2). Next, save it to your hard drive (#3).


To watch, go to where you saved it and doble click on it!

You're DONE!

Penguin Only Forums?
When you purchase a product from Penguin you'll gain access to a special private discussion forum exclusively for magicians who perform this effect. This is a free feature that can be very helpful in mastering your new magic. So in other words only people who have the same effect are allowed in that forum. Some PO forums are very helpful.

FORUM INFORMATION ---------------------

Make sure before you begin to post anything to read the official rules of our Forum. The Rules Can Be found here. Click the Blue Text.
Official Rules of the Penguin Town Forums

Sticky's & Announcements
Stickies and Announcements are usually important and worth reading through. Only Moderators and Admins may post stickies and annoucements. In your Penguin Only section, Stickies are enabled for everyone to use. But please don't abuse the system. They are there to help you.

Ranking System
When you first join the Penguin community you will notice beneath the username you chose will be the word 'penguin'. This is your beginning status here at Penguin Town. After 500 posts your rank-status will change to 'born to perform'. After 5000 posts your rank-status will change to 'Emperor Penguin'. Other Ranks that cannot be achieved by posting are 'Moderator' 'Head Moderator' 'Site Admin' and I believe 'Chief Instigator'. Chief Instigator was givin out to one user briefly at a point where *trouble* was being caused. No one has seen the rank in action since.

The Search Feature
At the top of every page in the forum is a button called 'search' - this is used for searching for topics stored in the database over long periods of time. Each forum has a capacity of storing up to 50 topics before the page switches to a new page. Eventually, hundreds of pages are created. The search feature enables you to search through all those pages to find somehting you are looking for fast. Do NOT just post immediately on something that may have been brought up 50 times before.

How do I get a picture beside my name?
These are called Avatars. You can upload an avatar in your profile.
RGC3, a member of the boards posted a quick tutorial on how to make an avatar. It can be found at the link below. Click the blue text.
How to make an Avatar

How do I Post a Picture?
You will need a place to host your image. Rather than me going into detail, cocoluto, a forum member posted a great tutorial with picture son how to do this effectivley. It can befound at the link below. Click the Blue Text.
How to post a picture

Unwanted Private Messages
Some users like to advertise their personal magic websites. Since they cannot post the URLs on the main boards because it will be deleted, they instead Private Message all the users who are online. The PM usually consists of the link to their site and a message saying "Hey, Come check ot my new site! Free Forums!" etc. We do our Best to limit this but some users take it to extreme measures by constantly doing it and creating different accounts to do it from. Different computers etc. For the most part, we know who you are, and you will be banned.

Another popular unwanted PM is Requests to Trade Instant Downloads. This happens all the time. The PM usually consists of someone saying "Hey, whats up? I have TONS of ID's! Wanna trade? let me know" If this is the case we will take care of them immediately. But how do YOU go about handling this? Dont post about it on the forums. Instead, forward the PM to one of the moderators or the Admin. The User who sent the PM will be Banned immediately.

How do I quote a PM?
Click the "Quote" button next to your PMs - then Change the username that you are sending it to.

If you have a question that is magic related, about what effect to buy or a general magic question where you seek advice, please...Post it in the Advice forum! Don't clutter up the other forums with posts that are in the wrong area.

That's it for now folks! I hope this post clears up some questions for any users out there. More will be added as time passes but for now this is all I can think of. Anything else you feel should be added PM one of the mods and we will add it right away. Enjoy the Forums!!


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