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 Post subject: Announcement for Everyone
PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 11:19 pm 
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Good Day.

This announcement is to remind everyone here that we are a MAGIC community. We all have the same thing in common - magic. I have been reading more than posting lately and I along with the rest of the mods are disgusted with the way we see users treating other users. It'ss unnaccepteable.

We are here to help eachother, to guide eachother, share ideas and stories. Not to jump all over eachother if someone makes a spelling mistake or asks a *dumb* question. I agree, it IS annoying when the same questions are asked over and over, but the Penguins who have been here the longest should step up and answer that question to its fullest. We get new users everyday. Most of them dont read the rules or news or use the search, but in time they will learn too.

If someone breaks a rule, be polite in correcting them or alert a moderator rather then making it worse.

As far as SPAM goes, Its mostly in the Off-Topic forum. Try to keep ot out of the magic forums. Or the Penguin boards in general. If somehting is spam, don't respond to it by posting 'this is spam' as that doesnt help. Just ignore it and leave it for us to clean up. That is our job.

I have also noticed the bulk of activity, spam and arguing in the off topic forum. It is a nice forum to go in and look around for anything non magic related, but we are all here because we are magicians. We can talk about off topic issues any time. While you're here you should talk magic! Us mods have mentioned getting rid of the off topic forum completely but it's undecided.

The reason I make this post is just to remind everyone we are a magic community. Were all here to have fun and talk magic. Not argue and fight. The older penguins should set examples for the new users. And we should all just get along. I shouldn't even have to make this post. If you visit other magic forums, the popular ones, the smaller ones etc then come back here, you will see all the arguing and spam I am referring to.

It's time for it to stop.
I will be talking with chief, maxwell and acar this week and will try my very best to bring you all an update on whats coming up and happening with penguin Magic. If you have commentss towards this, start a topic on it elsewhere. But no Spam or flaming!

Now, on with the magic talk shall we?

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