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PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 10:41 am 

Joined: 19 May 2005
Posts: 4710
Location: EU
As we have stated, not very long ago, this forum will be a lot stricter than it used to be. You are probably wondering yourself the question: “why?” I will tell you exactly why - because;

- Flaming, Trolling and Bashing.

- Spam.

- Constantly going "off topic" in certain threads.

- Users flooding back threads to the top, threads two years old by simply saying, "Yeah".

- One word posts, pointless that offer nothing to the forum but a waste of space.

- Fights and Arguments.

- Users offending + insulting other users.

- Childish Posts - We have seen enough people come to this forum and complain how childish this forum is and how its users behave on the boards. We wish for good posters that shall contribute to this forum and offer good advice, users that write helpful and insightful posts.

- Users logging into this message board simply for the forum "off topic" and write NOTHING constructive, neither opinions about a subject, neither even discuss for the most part, but simply make "jokes" to make other users laugh. You know who you are; posts in regards shall be deleted. If you have nothing constructive to say, please do this entire message board and its users a favour and refrain from submitting those posts in regards.

Now I want you to sit down and think for just a second, what has this forum turned into…? A playground with teenagers destroying the entire message board with their spam and their defensive, pointless posts, their arguments, their RUDE + SARCASTIC comments on the boards.

Now read through old threads and read how friendly people used to be, what a friendly community this forum used to be. They would have fun on the boards, joke around, talk about magic, have their discussions and surf through the board peacefully. They were a COMMUNITY! And now look what this forum has turned into, hardly ANY topic can pass by without it being filled with spam. This has become a day-care for the mods instead of an online community.

Now we do realize the fact that most of you are teenagers, it is your hormones speaking! :roll: However I find it impossible to believe that you cannot control your behaviour. The task is easy, simply do not post when you have nothing constructive to say. You are allowed to discuss a certain subject and post your opinions, but "posting just to post"... well you know what that turns into.

The moderators of this forum are actually fed up with the situation. We do nothing else but lock up threads, delete posts, move threads and clean up topics, let alone asking for bans on users. Take our word for it - we hate this!! If you look around at other magic discussion forums you shall notice the friendly relations the moderators have with the users, they as well take part in the discussions and joke around with other users, they are a friendly community. That is how moderators should be in a message board, a friendly relation with the forum moderators and the users believe me, can do WONDERS. The whole atmosphere will be very will see. BUT, we cannot make friendly relations with you if you do not co-operate and you keep on making our lives a living edited at these boards...then we do not have any desire to do this. You wonder why most of the mods don't post anymore; even I who used to contribute a lot don't post as much anymore. The truth is that this forum does not have a friendly atmosphere with some people around ruining the forums, we don't feel like posting. Plus with all the moderating we have to do on a daily basis in this forum, it kills all of our time and most mods don't have time to post either. And that is speaking in general for all the mature posters that simply want to discuss their art; it does not only stand for the moderators (even though they are the ones that have to deal with the nonsense).

So what is it that we are trying to accomplish with this topic? What we should have done a long time ago - Get This Forum Back to Shape! Now it will be impossible making this forum as it used to be, as this forum lost basically the best posters it ever had, it is no longer a friendly community. However all posts that are inappropriate shall be deleted without hesitation. Slowly you will hopefully get the message of what you must post and what you mustn’t post. Our goal is to have topics in this forum with posts that are nothing but constructive and helpful, or state an opinion or anything. Spam and going off topic will not be tolerated. Offending and insulting people will not be tolerated, attacks will not be, or arguments of any kind. We want this a friendly place to be... If we accomplish that hopefully some people that are more mature than the majority here and people that will offer good advice on these boards will join. The good posters that used to exist are no longer here, but people do come and go, it is the nature of a discussion forum of it changing atmosphere once in a while, with new people joining the forum.

We are not giving out threats, we post the facts and how we will run this place from now on. It would be very much appreciated if you could help us; we want you to help us. Refrain from bickering about everything and anything, posting negativity on the boards, making pointless comments in threads, spamming, offending others, arguing-fighting, going off topic, etc. It will be very much appreciated if you would do an effort.

Now some people have had questions about grammar... If you notice there is a thread in the News forum stating that internet slang, such as "lol", will not be allowed. That is not true. That thread stated that it POSSIBLY might happen in the future but I can assure you that it will not happen. "LOL" is a very common internet speech that states that the person posting it is laughing or finds something amusing. You ARE allowed to post "lol" and so are the admins and mods. HOWEVER, posts that include ONLY the word "lol" will be deleted. Posts such as;

"LOLZ...!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: dat wuz funny!!"

Yes they will be deleted. Act like you are in a public place (and you are) and act more maturely rather than showing your childish mannerisms.

"lol" IS allowed but other text speak/internet slang is NOT allowed. It also depends on the situation, "IMO". "IDK" are not considered as internet slang/text speak but more of "internet shortcuts". They ARE allowed. "STFU" is NOT allowed.

What is NOT allowed:

"wuds da bes trik 2 bye"

"thoz r kool"

"i liek dat"

You do get the meaning. Those posts WILL BE DELETED. Newbie or not it is common sense that when you join a forum you must read the Stickies and announcements and especially the forum rules, if you violate the rules it is common sense that you post(s) will be deleted.

We want this forum ORGANIZED, not only friendly but organized too, everything that a normal forum should be and right now it is not "normal", it is a playground. For a sec sit down again and just think, imagine. Seeing a topic with all posts well-written and insightful as opposed to posts that do not use any Capital letters at all and use text speak and such. Actually we can see that right now, now imagine if all the posts we're all well written with correct punctuation and grammar. We are NOT forcing you to use Capital letters and what we call "correct punctuation", we are however enforcing you to use correct spelling and grammar, if you do not your posts will not be deleted but it would be much better if you did. Again, what WILL be deleted is internet slang/text speak. Not only does it look like a 5 year old is posting but also shows disrespect to the users of the board that are reading your post.

More bans will be put into action, if those users register again with another username they will be IP banned. If they still do come back their abusive actions shall be reported to their ISP host.

Also please do not make a new thread in public asking why a certain thread or post was deleted/locked. Send a private message to the head moderator fcchief and he will get back to you ASAP.

I also advise that you read magicmandan's sticky "THE PLAN: An Optimal Posting Experience". That is basically everything I have wrote thus far but written especially for that purpose, that should clear up all your questions.

The purpose of this thread was basically to "finish" the "mods are getting strict" situation, as you have seen that thread in the News forum and never heard about the situation ever since. I also thought you might have concerns about the "internet slang/text speak" situation. I hope this has answered some questions that you may have. You may ask a question or post your opinion in this thread, but posts that will not be helpful in this thread such as "this sucks!!!!!!!", or "meh" will be deleted. You may post your "negativity" but at least do give a reason as to why that "negativity". I personally want to hear it and hear out what you don't like and what you think must be "fixed" in this forum.

Thank you for your time.


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