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 Post subject: Tone of Voice and Wording
PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 11:49 am 
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A simple change of the tone of your voice when you say "Hi" at the beginning of your performance can make it the best, or worst performance of your life.

Throughout this article I will go over different types of tones and why you should, or shouldn't use them. Aswell as some powerful wording to use to captivate your audience.

Your tone of voice reflects your physical and psychological emotions, a simple change in pitch can mean your very happy, or gloomily sad. It also carries some information about you. Whether you are aggressive or superior to others.

Most people will use a high toned voice for greetings and to show harmlessness and to invite. A softer and higher pitch is innately friendly and is nonaggressive. You should take this into considering when approaching a spectator or spectators. They will be more likely to stay and not brush you off. A high toned voice should also be used for interacting with your audience. If you sound happy, they will surely be happy aswell.

During your performance, if you want to have a mysterious tone of voice, that would be very good. Talk very slowly and softly. Almost monotonous, but not quite. If your voice is monotonous, it will seem very repetitive to the spectator and they will become bored. Raise your voice midway through your words to sound more mysterious.

One of the most important tones to have is a CONFIDENT tone. You don't want to seem as if the spectator says something, and you have to run away. Your voice has to indicate your going to stand your ground throughout your entire performance. To have a confident tone of voice, you have to empasise words. Let's take the phrase "Did you see that? Now Watch."

If you emphasize on the word "that" then it will prompt them to respond to your question.

If you emphasize on the word "Now" then you will be telling them to watch at THAT moment exactly, you will see that their heads will watch immediatly.

If you emphasize on the word "Watch", then they will be most likely to look at you, and then look down.

You see, with your tone of voice, you can literraly control your audience. Just remember to vary your tone of voice. If you stay completely monotone throughout your performance, then you will sound, well, BORING.

Now, let's move onto wording. With the proper wording, you can captivate your audience and get them excited.

Let's use the sentence "Watch as the card changes."

If you add some key wording into that phrase, then it will no longer sound bland.

Once again, try and sound confident that it will change. Add the word "Now" to the beginning of the sentence, and emphasize on the word "Now". Another good word to stick into that sentence would be "visibly". Insert "visibly" between "card" and "changes". Also emphasize on "visibly". It sounds a lot more intriguing.

Now the sentence is "Now, watch as the card visibly changes."

It sounds a lot more captivating this way, and should really grab your audience and allow for the best possible reactions.


 Post subject: Good Job!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 1:47 pm 

Joined: 01 Apr 2007
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Great essay, Blackdeckman!

I've been putting together a show recently and I found your essay very helpful. I'll be sure to use this in the future.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 6:23 pm 
born to perform.

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This is quite Wonder Words, I like it but I'd like it in more depth. I'd like to explore what kinds of words do what to an audience, and why. Make words your weapon, as you said you can control the audience through them and your delivery.


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