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 Post subject: Misdirection in resteraunts
PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 1:11 pm 

Joined: 27 Jul 2005
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Okay, before i start, people tend to ask the true definition of misdirection. For a magician i belive that misdirection is the "The act of directing your spectators attention to where you want so that you gain an advantage in your performance thats just my own oppinion, i would like to hear yours.

it may be a bit confusing at first, but when you can work it into your routines, then it is just "magic"

I have been experimenting with ways i can control my spectators direction for a long time now, and i have found that the slightest movement can be perfect. I have heard people ask, "do you need good misdirection", or "do you have to be a master of misdirection to do this trick".
And to this I reply that "People essentially want to see a miricale in magic, therefore, they want to be misdirected. They will look, move, and even breathe when and where you want, all you have to do is give them a small nudge in the right direction". So no, you don't have to buy DVD's and fifty books on misdirection, you just have to realise that people want to be misdirected, exept for hecklers, but they too can be fooled easier than your average spec.

Think about it, how many times have you asked a spec to tap the back of their hand a few times, not only are they looking away from you, but anyone else who has been watching you will watch their hands.
if they are tapping their hand, say three times, then they will usually count, or increameant their fingers, and take aproximatley 3 seconds.
In this three seconds, you can switch coins, bottles, retrieve stuff from pockets or nearby tables, get a palm happening. Essentially anything.

If you tell a spectator to clear a space on a table, they will imidately look down at their table and start to quickly clear the table, why because they "want to see magic happen" so naturally they will do what you say. And other people at the table will be looking at the spec, and also picking up the objects that can be dropped.
In this moment of misdirection you can essentially do anything you need to do.

Resteraunt -

    say you need to switch a bottle, coins, cards, move something off table, what ever. just simply look at another person on the table, point and mildly loudly say something like "where you just trying to steal that spoon",(joke voice of course) the waiters will look, at her, the rest of the people will look at her hands and the spoon/utensil near her, while she tries to explain to everyone that she is not a theif".

    If, you don't want to say something on the lines of stealing, as a joke of course, say something like " watch out for that glass there" and point to the glass. i can gurantee that 95% of the time, every single person will look at the glass, then the spec your talking about, while he/she babbles on how she won't knock off tha glass, then finally back to you. This gives you atleast 3-5 seconds of "no attention" per say.

I love doing magic in resteraunts, wether i get tipped or not,mainly because there are so many ways to misdirect.

Alrighty then, so what happens if they are catching on to you, well you step up a knotch. When you fell the specs eyes burning you, make them realise you are trying to misdirect them by saying something like "Just look at this while I..."(joke voice) (reach for a salt shaker or empty glass) "they won't look but bring it in front of you, then pretend to drop it and act a litlle embarressed and flustered, this makes them jump a little, then reach over to a little farther then where you orginially got the object and put it back on the table with one hand and say "sorry, i will just put this back"( in an embarressed and shameful vocie) as you move your other side of your body the other way, giving you great cover to do what you need to do, remeber, if you practise your slieghts, you will need only a second, if that.

They will concentrate on your hand with the object in it for two reasons,

    One - they don't want you to break it.

    Two - After joking about misdirecting them, then nearly dropping the object you grabbed, it makes you look as if you seriously did not mean to drop the object.
    The natural look of your reaching over to put the object down, creates the feel that you are generally fearful of dropping the object and embarrissing yourself.

this has got me out of a pickle numerous times. because lets face it, even though you practice until you can not fail at a trick, the spec may see something if you just let him burn you all night. BTW, this is great for those hecklers, who will laugh at you for nearly dropping something, then stupidly watch you put it back.

Well they are just a few Resteraunt Misdirection techniques i use, i hope you find them helpful, and remeber that if your spectator want's to see magic happen, then you have complete control. However if you spectator is not that interested, then you have complete control.


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