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 Post subject: "Child Magician" vs. Kids with Magic
PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:10 pm 
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Emperor Penguin

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Now we do need to rephrase something here though... there is a major difference between finding a "Child Magician" vs. kids with a magic kit or a handful of tricks they do.

Very, very, very few "children" can be classified as a genuine "Magician" in that most are not receiving the kind of direction, encouragement and general guidance needed for making that dream a reality. Sure, they own tricks and they may even have routined some of those tricks or techniques. This does not make you a "Magician" Nor does the act of doing shows and even getting paid for them.

I was a child "Magician" and though I had a previous interest in magic, is was the dozen or so adults in my world that transformed me from being a cute kid that did tricks into a cute kid that presented magic i.e. directors, choreographers, tutors, make-up & costume people, set designers, writers, technical consultants, etc.

There are those youngsters such as Greg Wilson (well, he was a youngster in the day) who benefited from parents or even grandparents who were established in the business e.g. they too had the benefit of experienced pros nurturing and molding them. This is not the norm within the real world which is why 90% or more of those having the dreamy eyes and delusional dreams that they are something important and unique rarely are. That's not to say they can't become that, only that it is not common for them to be that without some kind of "major support" behind them.

The other thing to bear in mind when it comes to be a young person in magic... eventually you will grow up and then you will not longer have your youth and cuteness in place as a protection and crutch... I know that one from direct experience as well -- things change and they aren't easy to deal with. Just look at the reviews most recently on Mr. Copperfield... he's 50 now and not the young guy that could get away with certain antics he(we) all used in our 20s and 30s. This is not an easy adjustment whether you're moving into Middle Age or transferring out of your teens and into young adult life. Such transitions can put you into a major tail-spin even without the pressures of show biz.

If you are young and host solid accomplishments that you have earned on your own from within our world of magic, then you are very much on your way to becoming a true "Magician" vs. another schmuck in the world that does tricks (and poor ones at that). Catch is, it takes time as well as talent, dedication and perseverance. It also means that we need to do what we can when it comes to retaining the support of family and friends. Statistically those who do not have this source of physical and emotional backing in any vocation or area of venture, will fail. There are very few exceptions to this truth; so listen to your parents and let them be part of your dream just as you are part of theirs.

-Craig Browning

This is a post from another forum I am part of, I read this and highy agree with it. Since this site is full of the second kind... I figured I would post it.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 5:11 pm 
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born to perform.

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" Claps Claps Claps "

I read it twice... Because as you state about kids that dont got any perseverance, the one that impersonate a magician to get themself a new way of showing they are "cooler" then someone else.

I too got annoyed of those kids that post video on youtube wich they learned from another kid on youtube, wich that kid as learned from another kid who as learned it from another kid on youtube... Then they call themself a magician...

You shall only show the pride of being a magician when you get the dedictation to the art , the perseverance and the will to one day become a sucefull magician. ( WOW, took me some time to think of that :lol: )

I dont care about what im going to say, but once I was that kind of "kid", I was learning stuff from youtube etc... Just because I tought that Criss was cool on the TV... Then i was shure i was a good magician, and I agreed to someone that asked me to perform for a small event. I was not prepared, I was not showing any charisma, just crappy magic. I got decouraged... Then i found out about penguin, I tried to impersonate a good magician, but at my surprise i find out that i could not handle that... I got flamed and given name... Then I forgot about magic... My uncle who is a magician gave me a small Booklet with four sponge balls. I played around with them, he showed me a routine which I liked. He said to me that if i practice enough i'd get that same reaction that i got. Two week after I performed it to a young girl ( she was about 7 ) And when i realised that she was laughing and having a good time I saw why I failed my first attemp of being a magician. I put the exposure website to trash, I brough books and Dvd's shiny props, I practiced about 30 hours per week, it became a true passion. The time came that i had to perform again... I noticed a great change...

Blizt :wink:

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 2:48 pm 
born to perform.

Joined: 08 Oct 2006
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The first several years of my "magic career" consisted of me staying up all night, watching reruns of March's amazing Magic Month on ABC family, or searching for performances online. I would master routines, master moves, and spend hours doing them over and over, watching them on camera and perfecting the moves. I have only done about a dozen serious public performances, and I honestly do not intend to do many more. Magic is something for me to turn to; there's no better feeling in the world than fooling yourself in front of a mirror, or watching your flawless move one camera, and then blowing away close friends and family. For me, magic and illusion caused others to respect me and, in a sense, put me on a pedestal, but more importantly, I perceived myself similarly as a result. I would never turn down the chance to entertain others, but I my magic and I come before anyone else.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I am a magician, or rather - an artist who uses illusion as a medium.

Well, I'm almost 17, probably too old to be a kid/child/whatever anyway.

</sleep deprived rant>

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