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 Post subject: How Deep does Magic go?
PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:06 pm 

Joined: 05 Oct 2008
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I'm not really new here, I just have not been here in a very along time. I didn't intend for this piece to be an essay, it's more... A message to Magicians.

When I was younger and performing magic I thought the only thing magic was- was keeping the secret and practice. Through out the 13 years of practicing and performing magic I've learned that it is an extremely deep art. I mean there is so much to it. One reason why I think magic is so deep is because magic is full of so much Emotion and Beauty.
The methods, the sleights, the gimmicks, the props, practice, practice, performance, patter, personality, creating a character, crowd control, angles, and science. The 10 theories of magic. The beautiful history of magic, and how it has evolved through out the years. What magic is today? All of this and more is part of magic, yet it goes deeper than that.

It’s The psychological part of magic that goes the deepest.
What goes on in the minds of our spectators?
What is the message we are sending to people with magic?
What magic does to our minds as magicians?
Why do you keep doing magic?
Ask your self these questions

If you look through out the history of magic, it has been used to start religions. The Greeks did this. Jesus performed miracles; he didn’t use sleight of hand though. It was all real, the work of God, but for some reason we still call him a magician. People actually thought that Houdini could materialize. If you think about it magic is in every culture some way or another. Magic is something more powerful than I think we can imagine.

If you take this bit of information and think about how visual and realistic magic looks today, we realize what a powerful thing magic is. Magic is something that can pull at the emotions of people. If you look at how our generations of magicians perform, it’s amazing. Just normal people doing miracles. Instead of people going to see a magician, we go out to the people. No more stages and props that belong to the magician. We are in a natural setting (streets, school, ect.) we use borrowed and what people think is borrowed items, and objects lying around. If we start healing people, the world is going to think it’s the second coming of Jesus ha ha ha I'm kidding of course.

Look what we can do to people on the street. I can get a few people who don’t know each other (strangers), and bring them together to show them magic. They start to react together and talk to each other. If I would not have asked them if they wanted to see something, they would have never even looked at each other. When we do magic, and people are reacting to it, the walls they build up are being shattered. What happens when you shatter the walls with two or more people who are complete strangers? It creates a connection with them that they could never feel or get other wise. The emotions they are feeling are wonder and amazement. When you are a baby you are amazed and wonder about everything. Magic is so strong that it can knock people back that far! I believe this is why people react the way they do to magic. They are feeling the emotions they felt when they First came into this world as babies, which is something people forget.

Let me talk about one of the questions I asked, and that is...
What is the message we are sending people with our magic?

I believe with out even realizing it, we are sending a message to every single person we show magic to. The message we are sending is the reason why people react the amazing way that they do. When someone See's something that they know is impossible...done in front of there eye's- once again it knocks them back to that child like wonder. Children have a gift of believing that anything is possible, this is something that every single child/person is born with- And something Truly Amazing if you think about it.

The message we are sending to people- since magic can send people back to that child like wonder, children believe anything is possible. We are telling people that anything they can imagine is real, anything and everything is possible, People react the way they do because they are seeing what they have always wanted to see! They are seeing the impossible done which brings into view all their current and failed aspirations and says YES, there is No limit. Magic takes people back to a time when we were free to believe anything. The power to do this to someone is amazing. That is real magic.

Magic is extremely powerful, and I would say completely real. We magicians are more important to the world than we might think.

Try This: Take one effect you love doing and sit down and think about the magic that's happening, I'm not talking about the method, I'm talking about the Magic. Really sit down and think about it.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:49 pm 

Joined: 27 May 2005
Posts: 72
You know, that's something I've always felt, but never really thought about too much. You did a great job of putting that into words. Great essay.

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