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 Post subject: Big night for me tonight.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:57 pm 
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Tonight for the first time in probably 30 years I did some magic for my parents. I was very into magic when I was 12 or 13 years old. I performed every where I could, once on local access TV and my folks were very encouraging to me in my quest. Dad took me to a show in Boston with a number of magicians on a big bill with the headliner an escape artist named Norman Bigelow. He also took me to see Doug Henning at the Salem State University Theater where I was lucky enough to get picked from the crowd to be Doug's assistant in the linking rings routine. I still shake a little remembering that moment.
Well as I got into my later teens magic just didn't seem cool and I dropped the interest almost completely. I can remember in the 80s having people in my family and old friends asking if I had seen David Copperfield or Lance Burton on their big TV specials. I hadn't because I was so jaded for some reason that I don't to this day remember or understand.
Well about a year and a half ago I had a weird dream. I was riding the subway and I had this old attache case that my Dad had given me that I used to cart around my magic props in. It had one of those old Dymo labels with "the Great Doucini" on it. I was not a kid though it was me as I am today. I woke up and I rarely remember dreams but this one hit me hard. I couldn't get it out of my mind. A day or two later I told my wife about it and she was surprised to find that I had been a magician as a kid. I decided to see if I still had a knack for it and showed her a card trick. She loved it and laughed so hard it hurt her a little bit. :o
I have in this past year re-purchased my favorite old magic books like "The Amateur Magician's Handbook" and "Scarne on Card Tricks" and checked out the local magic shops namely Hank Lee's and Diamond's magic. The later of which introduced me to Eddie the owner who is also the local S.A.M. VP and who convinced me to join up. I have performed a couple times for family parties recently but not with my parents there.
So I was over my parent's tonight visiting and I saw a deck of cards that they use to play Cribbage with and decided to show off a bit. I sprang the cards pretty well and asked if they wanted to see some magic. My sister happened to come into the living room just as I was beginning to start my patter. I asked if they knew of three card monte and they did so I told them I was going to show them the two card version. I didn't perform it as flawlessly as I would have liked but their reactions were great. Dad said, "Well the hand really it quicker than the eye! The cards were right in my hands!"
Well to the point of my essay, the best part of it all was having my parents approval for a minute or two and I owe it all to a little slight of hand. I could have gotten a big payoff or performed for a lot of cash and it would not mean as much to me as tonight's little parlor show. Thanks magic you have made me very happy for a night.

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