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 Post subject: The Magic Effect
PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 12:06 pm 
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The Magic Effect

The magic effect and what it does to people. Many would say that it isn’t an effect at all, but just a moment of wonder, but to me this thinking is above all naïve. People who believe this have either not been able to experience magic for what it is or have not been able to see it by a great performer. This is something like a great art and it must be seen through a great work before it is greatly appreciated. The following not only explains my thinking, but also a follow up above why I think it.

Magic does something to people. Something they can’t quite explain. Of course magic doesn’t do this to everyone so you will have to ask people to whom a magician performed for them who isn’t out to fool people, but a magician who is there to put a little wonder into the peoples lives. This type of magician gives off a persona that is to say “Do you believe in magic?”. This thinking is vital because then the magic isn’t forced into a “Can you follow me?” type of magic, but more of gradual art into which people can become lost. Although all styles of magic are on the magician to perform, I believe the way to get people into the feeling of the effect that is unrelenting is through not forcing them, but allowing them to follow you through the magic. Although this is hard to follow in the way being put, all that one needs to know is that it is not to force a person to believe, but that you are the guide allowing them to see the magic and follow you through it.

Magic in some way can be related much to a safari ride. Although people normally do not know the way, they are still going wanting to see it and its wonder. This can be related much to a magic show. Although the people do not know what is coming or how it is done, they still come to see the wonder and all that in which the wondrous ride entails. Still the people need a safari guide to show them the way and to let them in on what it is they are looking at. This guide being someone who knows the ins and outs of the journey and can help the people when they become lost. A magician can do this for a magic show. Sure things could happen with out the magician, but then where would that leave the people? That would leave the people with out wonder because they can say oh its just props and it leaves the wonder of how did he/she do that because they know in their heart that no man could possibly do that.

Now to relate to all other forms of art to the art of magic. Although not all magicians can make magic an art and cannot create the wonder that others can, those magicians that can are artists. To cite the dictionary, it say that that an art is many things such as “One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts” or even “A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill”. These both say basically the same thing. In laymen’s terms they mean a person who is good at something and creates something that is worth something or something characterized by a heightened sensitivity to beauty. Like any work of art such as a Van Gogh, a da Vinci, or a Botticelli, these pieces of art create wonder and inspire those who want to see it. Much like magic, people who want to see magic can be inspired by it to great magnitudes.

So from what has been said you can take, leave it, use it, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can understand what has been said. Magic above all should be viewed as art and can be considered beautiful if the artist is qualified. Magic is really, not a moment, but a feeling of wonder and inspiration. This feeling to many can all be summed up into one word and that one word being “Magic”.


P.S. Comments and Critisism Welcome! I am entering this in a Magic Contest so everything will help.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 3:22 am 
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Yes I agree, this art that we call "magic" should give the feeling of magic to people...should. However that is hard in our modern days. There are three types of magicians I believe: the magician that actually creates the power of magic to people, the magician that makes it obvious that all he's doing is "tricks" and the type of magician which makes people don't know what to believe. They don't claim they are magicians but just perform, and people are baffled and such and have no idea what that was, but come to their own conclusion what that was.
This art is spoilled by many people as the days pass... anyone can now just buy a gimmick and give themselves the idea that they know magic and are magicians, not the case. Very few people are true magicians in our modern days, and just for the record I don't think I am one of them.

I also don't think that it's the magicians' "tricks" that give the magical feeling but the performers' presentation of the tricks. Someone can now pick up a deck of cards and perform the Ambitious Card Routine for someone and give his spectators the idea that he's "messing with the cards" and somehow bringing the card to the top, when another performer can again pick up the deck of cards and with the right presentation give people the feeling of magic. If people will believe or not it depends on how you present your tricks, and yes truth be told sometimes certain tricks can be more convincing than others, but they do not have the effect the presentation has.

Many people are under the impression that to be a magician you have to be good with cards and coins and be able to "trick people"... well that isn't the darn reality. Magicians use their tricks as something to show... but their art comes in when they start to perform. We are magicians correct? what is our art? Our art is *not* to perform tricks.. that is only a small role of the art... our art is to perform. Some magicians perform by different styles. Others perform to baffle people, others perform to make themselves look like they have immortal powers and such, and others perform to entertain (me). Which I believe is how most magicians use this art, to entertain. With our techniques with cards and coins performing and having a crappy presentation of those techniques will go wasted, we learn to entertain people.
I sort of think of magic like actors... actors bring out their best of inside them to make a movie and offer something for people to watch, same with a magician. What is the point of showing tricks to people if you can't entertain or astonish them? There are many people that do so, and these people have a looong path until they reach the real purpose of magic, what this art truly is.

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