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 Post subject: An Amazing Spongy Day
PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:06 pm 

Joined: 30 Oct 2007
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I consider myself an intermediate magician who specialized in card magic and sponge balls. Everyday I wake up, get out out of bed, and I make sure I carry 4 sponge balls. Which are each loaded into my pockets and a normal deck of cards plus a sharpie. (Did I also forget to mention my TT?)

I'm ready, equipped and out to show the world one heck of a time. Today was just one fortunate and wonderful day Although sad to say, my sponge balls or Italian meatballs per say were grabbing dust and lint in the deep folds of my pocket.

I happened to drive up to my family business, a muffler shop, and my dad suddenly rushes up to me (I practice with him, and I tend to teach him a trick or two.) And he encourages me to entertain them, as he begins to garner their attention, and throw them my way.

I was surprised, my mouth was so wide open, a swarm of flies could have flown in, had a party, and fly out without leaving a trace. I mean I've done a couple of crowds, mostly school mates who happen to be waiting for a ride, or just a group of friends I happen to see in the hallway. But this was the real deal, it was actually a real crowd, with kids, teens and adults. (I'm only 17 o_o;)

They look at me, slightly disappointed, (my appearance isn't very magical, not even to me) My hands were trembling as I tried to calm myself, "just like practice" I reminded myself, as I thought about the countless hours I spent hovering in front of the mirror, books and DVDs. This was my moment to shine and bring a round of entertainment to a crowd of customers who definitely deserved it.

With my fingers slowly gaining courage, and mind set digging for courage, I pulled out a deck of cards. Suddenly, magic truly did happen. Strangely, I grabbed the one deck I had managed to set up for Oz Pearlman's Blindsided, luckily I went along with it and I truly did manage to give them a good shock. From there, I ditched the set up, and I performed my usual ACR, convincing them that they were truly being hypnotized.

My luck increased further as the watch I had adorned contained a stashed ball of Magician's Wax. From there, I decided that I would pay tribute to Michael Ammar, and I performed the Card on Ceiling, watching as they screamed in shock and surprise as they point and jump, witnessing their card cemented onto the ceiling.

From there, I established my domain, my confidence was off the charts and I felt as if I was truly shining at that very moment. My fingers were no longer trembling ,as I casually reached into my pocket and finger palmed a meatball. (I dedicate my ability to do so thanks to SPONGE by Jay Noblezada) I begin my patter, as I reach for one of the audience member's shirt. (It had red polk a dots, lucky me!)

I did a push production and I immediately caught the astonished crowd's attention. (My heart beat did shoot up once, in which I did a sponge ball vanish and the child; (go figure) asked "what about the other hand." And I could only respond slightly shocked, but reclaimed my composure and performed Darwin's routine of hiding the ball behind my exposed palm, allowing the previously loaded hand to be shown clean.)

From there, I produced magic from thin air, transferred it within my hands to theirs. I then slowed down the routine, allowing them to participate first doing the 10 count, and then finishing it with 2 Balls 1 Pocket. My grin was as wide as ever, it stretched from cheek to cheek as they reached for my hands, screaming, shrieking and squealing an amazement and delight.

For this one day, I truly felt like an accomplished Magician, my nights of practice was paid off by the Crowd's enjoyment. I walked away knowing that in their mind, this day will never escape them. So I say, the moral of today's lesson? Always, always be prepared to perform magic at a moments notice. Practice, practice, practice!

Last but not least,

"Magic isn't from the tricks that we learn, the sleights that we perform, nor is it the gimmicks that we buy and latch onto ourselves. It is within the performance, the patter, the story that we tell boldly, and the reaction of the crowd as they are lulled into our own sense of reality and accept the entertainment we give them. Truly it was a magical day."
~ Luc Nguyen

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:41 pm 
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Emperor Penguin

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Sounds like a great performance! Good job! If you're really interested in sponge balls, you should contact jamesjay1 from the forums. He's no longer active, but if you do some hunting you should be able to find a way to contact him. He used to be active on MySpace... not sure if he still is, though.

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