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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:56 pm 

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OK Guys, I think you're all in luck... I just found out (through the grape vine) that there is a NEW electronic fire wallet coming out soon that is just AMAZING! I saw one of the prototypes that my friend got who knows the designer personally . The designer's name is Peter Austin and he already has a new "Flaming Credit Card" on the market that is really cool... You can see it on youtube and many of the bigger stores like Hank Lees is starting to carry them and hopefully Penguin as well.

Back to this new wallet... It seems this guy has really been listening to us and our problems and complaints and from what I was told is also a magician. This wallet, to put it simply, is EXACTLY what most of us have been looking for! I hear his demo will be on youtube by next Friday (2/20/09) so you'll be able to see it live.

Anyway, from what I saw he has worked out ALL of the problems of the others currently on the market. Forget about these other poorly made and expensive wallets that are more problems than they're worth. I threw out my volcano wallet after I got frustrated with the "non-replaceable" battery and the flash paper... I wonder whose idea that was? Only ONE ignition before having to reset? Sorry, not for me...

And Hassletts wallet? Has anyone seen his video on youtube? This guy cracks me up! I would be embarrassed to show such questionable workmanship publicly... His wallet uses a rechargeable battery, what do you do if you don't have time to recharge? Don't use the trick I guess... And whats up with the wicks?? They look scotch taped in... ??

OK... Here are the features of Peter Austin's new fire wallet... It is totally electronic and has a spring loaded safety SLIDE switch that CAN'T be set off by accident! NOW THAT'S SMART! I said to myself, "this guy is really thinking".... Then one of the BEST parts is that there is a money clip that holds your cash so when you show the wallet open the first time, the audience SEES the cash right there, clipped in PLAIN SIGHT. When the wallet catches on fire, the audience will SWEAR the money is catching on fire. Then the wallet is closed, fire extinguished, and the opened again to show the bills CLIPPED right there in plain sight and unharmed. Look at ALL the demos on youtube and see how after their wallet catches on fire they pull the cash out of the BILLFOLD to show it wasn't burned... Now how DUMB is that! The fire was OBVIOUSLY not coming out of the billfold... I don't know, maybe I'm the only one who notices these I mean HELLO! Of course the cash is not burned, IT WAS PROTECTED INSIDE THE BILLFOLD!

The next thing that to me was very important is that BOTH sides of the wallet catch on fire... And with the larger 1.25" wicks you get 8-10 inches of flames! NOW THATS A VOLCANO! Many wallets only catch fire on ONE side! Am I missing something here? What happened to the other side?

I was very impressed with the battery set up and you will not believe how it was done! I think it is so ingenious... I can't really say much more about it but I can say that the batteries last for OVER 100 ignitions AND can be replaced easily and cheaply for about $1.00 from just about ANY place that sells batteries! Just in case you think this might be a typo.. YES, that is correct, the cost of the batteries to replace is around ONE DOLLAR! Is that awesome or what? Who puts a battery in their wallet that can't be replaced?? I'm not understanding that concept... And to top it off you have to use flash paper... I'm sorry, that just doesn't sound very practical to me.

Another great innovation is how this wallet's design actually keeps the lighter fluid from evaporating too quickly! Each wick is encased so that when the wallet is closed the wicks touch creating somewhat of a seal. I'm told that the fluid can last up to a few hours when the wallet is closed!

Finally the other GREAT thing about this wallet is that it is NORMAL SIZED! This guy (Peter Austin) has managed to fit all this into a regular sized STANDARD wallet and has kept it down to an unbelievable flatness compared to all the others.

Now as if all this were not enough, I'm told this new fire wallet will come with an instructional DVD for the cherry on the top! PLEASE RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU'RE FED UP WITH WRITTEN DIRECTIONS! You know my hand is My hat is off to Peter Austin... Bravo!

This information is not yet released from what I understand, but I if my source is correct, this wallet should be on the shelves (in limited supply) within the next 4 to 6 weeks. Rumor also has it that Peter Austin has joined with East Coast Magic and that they have a limited number of "Signature Series" First Run wallets signed and dated by Peter Austin currently available. I was told they will be selling for around $150-195 (not clear on the price) and should be around $125.00 when they hit the shelves. I know $125 may sound a bit steep for some of you but come on... There are other wallets on the market with that price tag and frankly I find there is absolutely NO comparison! It's like comparing Ford to a Roles Royce!

Anyway, I hope this has been helpful... You know I'm going to buy one of these as soon as they hit the shelves... maybe I'll even buy two, I'd hate for them to run out and need another one...

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:48 pm 
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Wow, are you sure you're not the creator? This seemed a little biased, nothing wrong with it though. Does the creator give Jardonnet credit for actually coming up with the idea for a fire wallet? Sounds okay, steep, but okay. How's the leather?

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