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 Post subject: Rose / Billiard Ball / Cane product questions
PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 10:19 am 
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Joined: 17 May 2009
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Hi I'm not very well read bout stage magic. But I’m really looking forward to start learning it and buying some props. But I wanted to ask a few questions to guide me to get the best props possible with my money.

Red text = Solutions

1. Appearing Canes, Disappearing Cane, Color Change Cane:
• Metal or plastic which is better? Metal for appearing, Plastic Fantasio for vanish
• Which metal cane brands are good? Is uday any good? this is the only metal brand i can find on penguinmagic

2. Rose/Flower Manipluation (Routines, The roses used for rose manipulation):
• Standard manipulation roses. I've found Secret Garden. But i was hoping to see if there are other brands.
• Where can I buy the rose where the bud is removed and then back on the rose again?
• Are there vases for manipulation purposes? Or is it something I will have to come across myself?

3. Top Hat stand (Basically hat that sits on a cane? The hat is removable).
• Brand? Where can I get it?

4. Billiard ball manipulation:
• Fakini or Mirage Billiard Balls? Quick one is better quality and better handling? 2" or 1.75" Fakini Billiard Balls
• Teaching DVD's. Levent's, Jeff McBride's DVD. I was wondering is there a more modern alternative?
• DVD that covers the one hand, four ball production?

 Post subject: Re: Rose / Billiard Ball / Cane product questions
PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:25 pm 
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Joined: 23 Nov 2006
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1. I would recommend not using metal canes as they can cause massive cuts in your hand, so I would go with plastic (It looks the same on stage anyway). Fantasio appearing canes are really the best. Try these, or something similar (;
2. I'm not into flower manipulation much, so I can't help you too much. As for 'taking a bud off and it magically goes back to the flower', on penguinmagic, Uday sells these: I don't have it so I don't know the quality of it. I do have this: ... de=Flowers. It can do the same thing except it can then be changed into a silk afterwards. The quality is not bad.
3. I don't have it but I did find one: ... -Base.html
4. Both brands make great billiard balls and they do the same thing (pretty much), so you should just go with what you think you will like more. As for size, you should get the size that fits your hands the best; the larger your hands and the longer your fingers, the bigger the ball your can handle. (You can find different sized balls at home and put 4 of them between your fingers to see which size works best.) Levent and McBride are both good magicians so either one you buy, you can't go wrong. As for the 4 ball production in one hand, I don't know a DVD that teaches it.

Thanks, Drew

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