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 Post subject: help, some one read this please!!!!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 9:12 pm 
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I am compiling many routines for a job at a local restaurant, I'm pretty confident the routines are solid; I just want them to be "Paddyfied".

I know I will do sponge balls, but none of that toss up and vanish (we wouldn’t want it landing in some one's soup). Over my years of magic and watching magicians I have put together a routine of sponge ball magic that you couldn't find at your local magic shop. I thing the sponge balls are a strong piece of magic because it interacts with the audience and it is un-gimmicked, as far as the audience knows. Very compact, no reset.

Next I will bring a deck of cards to do some classic Jay-Sankey-Signed card work, such as the Phoenix Affect, because it leaves the audience with a signed card as a souvenir (and it's better promotion then a business card). I also think that the deck being un-tampered with is good, I will be working closely with people, and people will want to touch the cards. I also think that a deck of cards can grab ones attention with waterfalls, and fans, and card springs. Very compact, no reset.

My next thing will be average items found on a table, such as picking up a straw that they were just given from a waitress and to a cut-and-restored routine, I may also pick up a fork and do some fork bending routines such as liquid metal (of coarse I will replace the fork). If there having coffee I could do a signed quarter in a creamer affect, or a ripped and restored sugar packet. I think these affects are valuable because they are items lay people will be accustomed to, and since they are paying for the food, then the straws, the forks, the sugar packets, and the creamers will temporarily be there's; giving them a sense of "this is a real fork, straw etc. feeling". And it's on the table so you don't have to carry around anything, no reset.

I will also use The Three Shell Game because talking of food, you’re using walnut shells, and once again, they are all inspect able. This routine should go well as long as your doing it before or after the food gets there, (and you should do all magic then, as to not distract from the main purpose they came there and the item that they're paying for; the food). Very compact, no reset.

I may also bring a simple string or a piece of rope because:
A. You can inspect it all you want.
B. There used to these items, maybe you could use your shoelace for a rope.
C. It's very visual if done correctly and right in front of them.
D. It is a very versatile affect, almost heckler proofed, but don’t get me wrong NOTHING is heckler proof.
I believe rope tricks will be a valuable addition to my performance, and it is very compact, no reset.

This is just the beginning though, I will add on constantly to my elusions, and I will think hard of the pros and cons of each affect, thank you for your constructive criticism.


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