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 Post subject: Just like to share with everybody
PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:22 pm 

Joined: 27 Feb 2009
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Hi! I'm new here and sorry about my poor english. It is not my native language. Hope you guys understand me...

A couple of days a go i just get little flashback. I like to share it with you guys... After all there aren't any talk going in this forum.
I always liked a magic when i was a kid. It was a best part when you saw how people get suprised faces when something happened what they didn't expect.

That why i tried to be a magician when i was a kid. I learnt couple easy tricks and that it was.

Now i'm 25y old and i have study hypnosis, magic and when i first time saw a pickpocket entertainer my soul was sold! That was something what i liked... When people get that suprised face when pickpocket show what they have taken from audience.
I know little bit stage performance, psychology and then i started to study how to be a pickpocket. I'm pretty new in this and i have never pickpocket anyone yet. I just practise with bells and picking pockets. How it feel when i pick my own pocket and how i can pick someones else pocket. What fingers i should use, how do i misdirection audience and so on.

I like to be very professional before i even start to do my things to my friends... In here there ain't any street magician or pickpocket entertainer (There are some guitar players and someone who maybe at summer play with "fire ropes" and so on but i never have seen anyone to do magic at street or even pickpocket magic in stage...)
So it is very hard part to practise some routines in street because many people haven't heard that kind of thing that someone can do pickpocket magic!
I like to be professional, get good routines and that my things go so right that it can go!

Couple days a go i got that flashback... i have already pickpocket my first pocket. I'm not new in this business.
Back in the 1990... There didn't been many jobs and people were poor. In here many people drank a lot (like they still do) and here not be pickpocket magician or thief who pick pockets... Well in the 90 there wasn't pickpocketers... At least i never heard there was any.
I was only maybe 8y old and my friend needed a money. He needed something like less than 2 dollars... Him father drank all him money what he got. He didn't buy anything to him son and only told that "you don't need any money... you have all what you need and i buy your food..." blaa blaa blaa.

Me and my friend saw that pig fat wallet in suckerpocket... We watched it and made a deal. my friend didn't have nerves to steal that wallet, but i liked to try.
When my friend's father was in the bar, we went in. I went back and my friend went to talk with him father. Him father didn't notice me at all. He was too busy to talk with son and drink that beer.
i saw corner of the wallet and grab at it. I didn't draw fast, but i didn't draw it to slowly too... I just draw it out of pocket and i was sure that he notice me and spank my butt...
I was suprised a lot. he didn't notice me at all! i gave that wallet to my friends and i was very happy... We get our money.

I was very happy about myself and that we got that money, but i just couldn't be too happy because him father was around still... My friend made a big mistake. He didn't take that money out of wallet. he started to talk to him father "hahaa! now i get my money! In your face!"

Ques guys what happened next? My friend's father take him wallet back and he was so angry... He knew that i was the pickpocket. He was sure that we can't take him wallet without he notice that. And we manage get that wallet. And then my friend blew whole things up! I thinked something like we just steal one coin and say something like "hey you drop this."
i get some bad words... Maybe my friend's father afraid that i'm goin to steal some more wallets at street when i grow up.
I was so scared when that drunk yell at me... It was my luck that there was some other drunk around and he couldn't hit me...

Now i'm 25y old and i remembered that what happened almost 20 years ago! That was my first pickpocket like a thief. I like still pick pockets, but not like a thief... I hope that i'm in right track now and some day i can do it like an entertainer at street and there no beliefs that i really try to get their things for myself like a thief. :)
I don't be after money or famous.. I like that art and i like when i see their faces and happy smiles when things go right like they should be.

There wasn't any help when i started to practise and it was very cool to find this forum. :) Yeah i know... if you like to know how to pickpockets buy a book or dvd at Penguin. :wink: i won't tell anything what should be a secrets. :)
When i found this forum i just open every post what was written under the "pickpocket" section...

I have couple books and i planning to buy couple more. I have the art of picking pockets dvd (or how it was written) and i really like this form of art... What i can says is buy those product... they help you in start!

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