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 Post subject: Free podcast interview with Tom Krzystof on getting booked
PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2007 11:59 pm 
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It's no surprise that the hardest working (thus busiest) performers are the ones you rarely hear about. That's why today I decided to call my long-time friend Tom Krzystof, one of the most successful corporate entertainers in the mid-west to talk about getting booked. The biggest question I had was how the edited he manages to stay so busy.

Years ago, before anyone had run a sub four minute mile, there were those who said it couldn't be done, that four minutes was unreachable. After Roger Bannister broke the barrier in 1954, a flood of runners achieved this once untouchable result. What happened?

Roger had given them permission to run a sub four minute mile.

There's no way Tom could have given me an exact formula for success in the 20 minutes we had to talk. But I hope by listening to Tom speak about his corporate work and his success as a full-time magician, it gives you permission to achieve your impossible dreams, whether it's quitting your day-job, or increasing your shows per month by 25%.

Tom is a true worker. He's taken the energy and personality that brought him success as an executive and turned it into a vehicle for living his dream to entertain full-time. It's always great talking with him, I hope you enjoy listening in.



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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 5:46 pm 

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Tom is a really good friend of mine. He has been my mentor for a few years now. He is always on the go. If its one thing I have noticed with Tom is that he will talk to anyone and everyone.
Tom helped remind me that by performing for people your not just always there to entertain, but also create contacts as well. If you present yourself well people will want to see more of you.

If you don't carry such a high ego above your head and don't seem cocky, you will meet people who want to see more of you.

Even with Tom being so busy all the time, he is so good at creating more contacts and being able to sell himself well.

Tom is very professional, but hes still relaxed at the same time. He's not afraid to go after his goal.

One of the main things I have learned from Tom, is that if you want something, you just have to go and get it if you feel you are prepared for it.

I filmed a TV Special with Tom and when I was filming him at a restaurant I learned so much from him, being able to present yourself well and just being relaxed. If you feel good, so will the spectators. He can connect with them on their level. Because of that people will want to see more of him. And that right there is a big part of booking shows. Being able to sell yourself without creating such a huge ego for yourself.

As a side note I highly recommend picking up his Go Pro dvd's when they come out here on Penguin. You will learn so much. Tom has opened my eyes so much in the art of magic.

I'm glad to see this podcast and hope to hear and see more from Tom in the future here in the public magic community.

-Tim Olsen

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