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 Post subject: chris angel why people have to bash him so
PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:47 am 

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I just cant understand why people have to feel the need to bash Chris Angel so much . He is an Entertainer . He admits he is a magician and an illusnionist . He says he has no supernatural powers . So , therefore what makes him a fake magic in itsel fis not real . As far as payin ghis audience through the course of 4 seasons considering now, as far as I have resaerched, I haven't heard of anyone that has come out and said they have been paid by Chris Angel to participate in one of his magic acts that has claimed to have been paidthat has been able to back it up with facts or proof and if you have then by all means enlighten me to wher eI can fidn out fo rmyslef .By now there have been hundreds of thousands of audience members , I woudlimagine that woudl be a edited of alot of money to pay outto all of these audience members it kinda wouldn't be worth it. To have teh show and pay teh audience tha tmuch money , pay for the special effects , pay the staff and so on and so on . I also wonder why the places he works for, take out multi nillion dollar insurance contracts on him, if he is so fake and phoney and using so many camera tricks and all of what he does is complete camera editing . Then why on earth would they need such high insurance policies ? youreally dont need high insurance policies fo rsomeone who isnt using real magic and is using camera editing . Now I am sure some of what he does is camera but David Blaine didn't use any camera editing? come on alot of magic was camera editing or complete stunts . I just watched a magician shoot an arrown thru a woman which was done in front of a live audience which noone could understand how it was done -no explanation for this . Attached to the arrow was a long string so you knew it went right through her. Guess what it was a trick !! Does that make him less of a magician ? the actual arrow never came out of the gun only the string did attached to fish wire , lighting had alot to do with it, the explosion was made by part of his crew, who was a professional with making things blow up ,so from the back he made the gunappear to go off , only the arrow never came out the fish wire did with the string which went around a rig that was attached to the girls body making it appear to go through her however it went around her as far as far as the arrow landing in the bullseye it was his other crew member in the back of the bullseye pushing through an arrow at the right time and wiggling it to make it look like the arrow had hit the target. It was brilliant not magic at all It had a lot to do with timing adn skill to shoot teh fish wire adn string at tehwoman inthe right spot it was a creative stint pulled off exactly the way it should have been done it might have been done by David Blaine as amatter of fact Imnot exactlys ure who it was though Now if chris did that he would be called a fake. So he is going to do a live show that still isnt good enough for you for some reason. If i had to pay audience members and do all of my acts by camera editing I would never comply to do a live show yet he does live performances every tv show at the luxor . I Definately don't think the Luxor would allow Chris to perform magic in their casino or hotel if he was a fake I beleive they believe in him as a talented performer or they wouldn't put their name behind him and make themselves look like a holes . Casinos are extremely out for themselves and all about money( believe me I worked in one fo r 6 yrs) they dont care at all about Chris Angel as a perosn what they about about is money and marketing, so if they thought for one minute that Chris Angel was a phoneyor woudl be a bad investment in any way or would be bbad advertisment for them they wouldnt have their name behind him . They would never tak ethat risk of of himbeing exposed as aphone and them beingassociated him in any way which woudl make them look bad they would nevr take that risk . if Chris wanst heading upward theywoudltn allow their name behind him . and as you can see he is only going u[pward since he first began. Now he is signed with cirque. For 15 yrs . so if he is so phoney can you explain ho whe had those stel objects surgically implanted inhis back to be lifted up by helicopter were teh steelobjects camera edited int his back or hwo were they sugically putinto his back? he also was stitched up after that whcih they showed the stiches and the scars . that is true dedication to his proffession . And i dont doubt for minute he may use camera editing but soo?? its entertainment who cares ? He praticed since he was a littl eboy to do card tricks they are tricks . He also caught a nail with his hands it went right thru his hand you'll probably answer that as he failed that trick and was dumb but once again I call that dedication to his profession not many people woudl risk that .He also has a really likeable personality whichis why so many peoplelike him he has drwn more peopleto him than any other magician ever has since houdini that has to say somethignfo rhim he also beat houdini's record withhis escape from teh straight jacket and was put in the Guinnness book of world's Records so do you think they were fooled too ? He was also given a Chris Angel day handed to him by the Mayor of eitehr teh new Orleans or some place likethat Im not exactly sure I hav ewathced somany shows so do you thinkl he woudl have received tha tif he was such a fake ? did David Blaine recieve any of his own days from any state ? or nay oteh rmagicain fo rthat matter adn believe me I am not putting down any other magician fo rtheir talen tadn skill I am just trying to point out that Chris Angel is a talented man as well which for a unlikeabe person he has millions of followers and as far as his fan base it is only gorwing and expanding it is not decreasing or going down at all to clear that up.I am just wondering why these paid audience members haven't spokenout and said hey was paid by Chris Angel to be a member of his audience at his show and showed footage of that show of hism paying her a check or proff of some sort instead you go on youtube adn pple writ ehow they saw chris live adnhe was awesomeadn mindblowing I am not kidding checkit out on you tube you will find peoplethat were ojn his live show adn wathce dhimadnsaid he was the real deal and that they were not paid that he was the real deal y aknwo what if i was paid to to bew inhis audienc e teh very firs thigni woudl do woudlbe go on national tv adn tell onhimor go on you tube and exploit himwouldn t you ? bu tnopone has ? can you exoplain tha t to me? chris angel spreads the message to BELIEVE inyourself and your dreams to millions of pple not many pple are able to touch that many pple witha positive message in this day we live in . Most peoplel are out there spreading negative messages . Lets take a look at how about our mass murdering president sending our brave soldiers to their death every day these soldiers go war thinking they are fighting for their country noone wants this war so focus on the president but every looks away from the fact that we have a mass murderer as our president !! he has alos put us in the worse national debt ever wher ePresident Clinton got usout of debt for thefirst tiem in forever adn he got a blowjob adn got voted otu btu he was a good president our country doens tthink right now rather than bashiing our presidnet we go after chris angel his name alone represents a good thing it puts in the mind of pple christ angel maybe thats not a fluky thing but maybe God is using him as a instrument to do His work, he can touch millions of people with his walking on water video I asked so many pple what was the first thing that went through their head when they saw that video and their answer was "wow! only Jesus could do that!!" so for a 2 minute video he put Jesus in the minds of millions of pple maybe the magic is just a distrraction from what he is really up to which is to spread the word of God which to connect to God you need to go throguh Jesus chris is not arrogant and he is not trying to be Jesus we do things after the ones we most admire and love and look up to he behanves likeJesus because he is showing the wold that Jesus does exist i believe that he is bringing Jesus to his followers ,what an awful guy he is . He prays on national televsion , he talks upon spritualism so how is he not likeable millios of people like him H e is just getting started this is only the begining. with cirque signing him for the next 15 years he isnt going away you may agree with me or not it is my own opinion from what i have witnessed . People who spread positive messages whether they do magic or not are good people we live in a negative world today are you and i see by your won negativity trying to tear chris apart God says we should try to find the good in all people so maybe you should try to do that not just involving Chris Angel but if you judge him this way I am sure youjudge others this hard inyour own life as well it may be worth looking at that behavior only to improve yourself and become a better person to be all that you can be.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:05 am 
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born to perform.

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Hey, enjoy727, welcome to the forums.

I'm sorry, but that post is incredibly difficult to read: you really need to put it into paragraphs; and, while you're about it, fix the typos and redundant [tags]: it looks like you wrote all that "as it came to you" and posted it without proof-reading.

I'll be more than happy to contribute to the discussion, as soon as I can actually read your side of the debate! :)

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