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 Post subject: Going to be contacting managers soon
PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:34 pm 
born to perform.

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I am about to read both stickies in this thread, but I just wanted to put some info out there. I am currently majoring in psychology. I am lucky enough to have a parent who pays for my necessities+college in exchange for some basic things: good grades, housework (all of it, my mother passed away when I was nine), and errands (grocery shopping, rides for my little sister, etc., etc.). Things between my dad and I have been getting more and more tense; he vehemently disagrees with a certain decision of mine. Suffice to say, this is something I've been doing for 3+ years while managing all aspects of my life (save for income) and maintaining good grades. Although I don't feel as though he is in a position to act upon what I do outside of the house, he has threatened to hurt me and call the police. I am unwilling to live in a house where I am perceived as an addict and a criminal for no good reason. I am also unwilling to make major decisions based on his contrived sense of morality. My solution is to find a few close, responsible, productive with which to room in a rented house elsewhere in the state.

Summary: All of my free money goes towards food and gas; more money would be useful.

I currently work for, the 542542 text answer service. I also make commission on the marketing team for a home improvement company. Neither job is cutting it, both financially and mentally. I have been toying with the idea of restaurant/bar magic for several years now, and I feel I am ready to make the leap. Performing is where I am comfortable and at ease; I don't stutter, my sense of humor is prominent, and I am able to utilize my natural flair for social dynamics (without having to push a product.) In terms of experience, I have a ton. I've been performing for people since high school; I've done kid's parties, private parties, and corporate events. Most of this is through family and friends. Whenever I host a group of people, I always arrange a little show. I've performed at malls for tips. I've improvised with trading cards and I've developed multi-phase routines.

The working professionals here understand the transition I am attempting to make - the difference between a hobby and a career. I am going to have to develop a strategy for marketing myself, along with routines, back-ups, and a persona. I am gong to have familiarize myself with performing regularly in a restaurant setting. I am going to have to do a lot of things which I am currently unaware of.

My initial plan is to speak with managers. I am not sure whether I should approach these meetings as "let me perform for tips and we'll see what happens" or "After X weeks I will only stay if you pay me Y dollars per hour". In terms of routines, I figure I'm not going to be at any one table for very long. Three of my babies are a CSI-themed suspense-driven version of Chicago opener, a "try to keep track of the card you selected among these four" version of jumping geminis which catches people off guard, and a creation of my own where person A signs the face of one card, person B signs the back of another, and the signatures appear on one card while held between A and B's hands. I will need to put some thought towards what else would be appropriate but these three effects should provide a solid foundation, seeing as I can choose/tweak each routine based upon how many people are at any one table. Do any of you have recommendations regarding a smaller opening or closing post-tip trick?

Well, I'm off to read the stickies. Thanks for letting me release my thoughts

 Post subject: Re: Going to be contacting managers soon
PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:52 am 
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Give ONE NIGHT ONLY as an audition after that they pay you plus you get tips. I do restaurants 6 nights a week and I will not do a freebie except to audition if I need a new one.

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