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 Post subject: Everything I know about Marketing Magic By Maxwell Murphy
PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:48 pm 

Joined: 04 Nov 2012
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Well first I have to say this book/pdf would have saved me $2500.00 on my first release Entity. The wealth of information that is shared in this book is priceless and leaves no stone unturned for those who want not only information on how to release their first project, but also the options that are available to you.

There are 17 chapters in this book that cover everything you will need to know from video production to marketing. I will review Chapters 1 through 9 first as to not overwelm you with a lot of reading.

Chapter 1 gives a brief background on what got the writer started in magic. The story Maxwell tell's is really funny and will have you smiling after you read it. It also goes into what the magic community cares about, originality, weather or not you should market your idea and the value of respect. This chapter will really root you into the ground before you even get started!

Chapter 2 The Magic Market explains in detail the magic market size,market growth % of magic sold online and a list of the top countries magic is sold. This information will give you a heads up on which countries to position your effect and a break down on magic industry price structures that was a real eye opener for me.

Chapter 3 goes over the deals that are available to you as the creator, the information goes over self producing or selling the rights out right. Also lets you know the % for each tier (retail, wholesale and jobber rates) and gives you details as to what may be the right deal for you depending on what you are looking for.

Chapter 4 goes over key decisions on how you are going to release your effect. WIll you release a dvd, instant download, both or in book form, this is a really helpful chapter as I learned alot about where the magic market is heading. Also this chapter goes over pricing of your effect and touches on contracts that you will need to have in place to protect yourself as well as the company that will be releasing your effect. Remember this is the most important piece I feel in releasing your effect. Make sure you apply all that you read about contracts to your deal and you will cover everything before you sign.

Chapter 5 is if you decide to release an effect with a physical item. Maxwell gives you a breakdown on tooling cost's and per unit cost's, packaging tips, artwork and printing. The info here if applied will give you a better insight on what the first steps are in releasing an effect that requires a physical item.

Chapter 6 is about Video production. Maxwell gives you hints on how to film, camera position and camera angles that will really make your production look like it was professionally shot. And he gives you estimated cost's on if you would rather hire a production company if you do not have the means to produce your own video. And the how to make a dvd blurb and having you dvd replicated will save you time and money and Maxwell supplies you with the name of a really good replicator that is reliable and ultra-competitive in pricing.

Chapter 7 on Marketing will really open your eyes from naming your effect to capturing the right shot in your video demo, no stone is left unturned.

Chapter 8 is Advertising and the different types of advertising. Maxwell teaches you how to get your effect seen by others and how to spread the word about your effect. And you will be really surprised what the best method is to really go with when advertising, I know I was!

Chapter 9 was one of my favorites. It get's down to the sales end of your release. Maxwell goes over how to sell your effects and gives you a break down on exclusives to magic sites that will really maximize your bottom line. His insight in this topic will really get you excited! After all, look at how he and his business partner built up sales on their website!

Jeremy Hanrahan

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