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 Post subject: Cobra Kiss by Honda - REVIEW
PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:22 pm 

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Cobra Kiss is a brand new version of Russian Roulette effect. You don't need to prepare any gun, nail, or big stapler guns any more. With 5 pocket staplers and one handkerchief, you can do the magic routine easily in everyday life situation.

The 5 gimmicked staplers are specially designed that the total size of the staplers can be minimized as small as a normal Bicycle deck. So you can carry them easily when leaving home.

The secret of Cobra Kiss is also powerful. It's very safe and complete self-working. It has the following features:

The audience can examine everything before and after performance.
The loaded stapler is selected freely by the spectator.
The magician doesn't see when the spectator selects and loads the stapler.
The staplers are shuffled under a normal handkerchief, so even the audience doesn't know which one is loaded.
Only one stapler is loaded.
No thread, magnet, mark or extra stapler.
No stooge or assistant.
No electric device.
Reset in one second.
Easy to carry.


Ok, so i recently purchased this fantastic effect by honda, and i have to say its a great product priced at £35 and is worth the money.

With the trick you are provided with 5 identical staplers and 1 dvd teaching you how to perform the effect. The secret behind how it works is very clever, however i personnally think some of the patter taught on the DVD shouldnt be used. The reason for this and without giving the effect away is, In the dvd the magician advises the audience member that all 5 staplers are designed so they do not have the long window gap you would normally find on most staplers, therefore making it impossible to tell which one is loaded. Now altho this is true and correct it would draw the audience members eyes to this fact and could make them raise another question which if realised gives the effect away in my option. The other small critisim i have is the way the staplers have a logo on top of them all, now am not sure if there is a reason for this, however i would of liked to see a totally plain stapler that way it doesnt look like it could be in anyway special etc. The trick is very safe as long as you follow the instructions at all times.

Overall i think that for £35 you really cannot complain its a great trick and a great effect for anyone into mentalisim or dangerious looking magic.

Has anyone else purchased this trick and what do they think?

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