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 Post subject: Yves Doumergue's Ripped and Restored
PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2003 8:34 am 

Joined: 16 Apr 2003
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Let me start by saying that I worked my way Through Ben Harris "Quarks and Quirks" (Hood Wink, Wink Wink, Space Oddity), Brent Brauns "Torched and Restored", JC Wagners Torn and restored, Paul Harris "Rip off" and now Yves Doumerque's Ripped and Restored.

Through this process my criterias for a strong Ripped and Restored effect has changed, so I now have the following criterias for a strong effect, in an unpriortised order.

1. The effect most be so visual that the effect becomes a reputation maker. Afterall you do tear a playing card in 4 pices and restored it again - thats magic and should be presentaed as such.
2. I prefer the spectator to have a free choice of card, which adds to the overall effect.
3. I prefer an effect where the card is restored piece by piece, instead of a full restoration in a flash type of effect. The advantage by restoring piece by piece is that the specs actually believes in the restoration, whereas a "restored in a flash" method leaves the spec to wonder if you simply made a switch.
4. The method should make you end with your hands clean

And I feel that it's only Ben Harris' effects and Yves Doumergue's effect that can fullfill all 4 criterias. So until now they are my favourites - but if You know other similar strong effects, then please let me know.

Now for the review

Whatch the demo video first and read the 3 different tricks described.

First and foremost. This effect/method is extremely visual and lives up to my 4 criterias mentioned above. Meaning this effect is a stand-alone piece of magic that makes a real statement. Treat as such and you can build reputation from this one.

The routine is fairly easy and if you do "Ripped and Restored" followed up by "Puzzle Card" you will not only restore the card, you will also miss-restore the card, so that the pieces are wrongly assembled (great reactions) and finally you restore the card to it's natural condition. So you create a double effect.

The tearing proces is very convincing. You actually see 4 pieces seperated.

The piece by piece restoration is really a piece-by-piece where every piece is magic on it's own.

And please notice. Yves method goes to the pocket only when it's natural. After tearing in 4 pieces you leave 2 pieces in your pocket to restore the remaining 2 pieces. Then you take the third piece and restored it and then the fourth. This means you are not going to you pocket for a lighter (like in torched and restored) or some magic dust (like in JC Wagner) to get rid of "things" at the same time. It all goes with the flow in Yves method - I love it - strong thinking.

Is it difficult. No, not really. I guess if you are unfamiliar with these effeect you will use 3 decks of cards to perfect this and the angles you must take care of. Of course you should work on a strong patter and performance as allways to highlight the magic and entertain, but all in all difficulty level 2 to 3 out of 5.

The DVD is goodquality and easy to navigate. It shows live and studioperformances of the tricks, and in depth studio explanations.

This is good, this is strong and very visual. The angles is not a problem, just stand back 1 meter and do the restoration.

This is solid thinking, this is presentational, and in my view a far better effect than JC Wagners, Brent Braun's, Paul Harris' and it's actually also better than Ben Harris routines - which speaks for it's high class.

Go get it, put some work to it, and you can perform a miracle. I mean it, it's value for money.

Good luck

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