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  1. Matchbox Penetration - This is perhaps the best bar trick ever invented. It is simple and extremely powerful. You pierce a matchbox with a toothpick. Open the matchbox to reveal a solid brass block filling the entire box. There is no way that toothpick could have pierced through! Fully inspectable!

  2. The Stealth Pen - This may be the effect you perform more than any other. There's nothing more visual in all of magic. You borrow a bill, pierce it with your pen, and IMMEDIATELY hand both the bill and the pen out for inspection.

  3. Die-Cipher II - This effect was born with your most difficult spectator in mind. If she's not fooled by this one... she read the instructions. You effortlessly read your spectator's mind, and she can inspect everything for hours and hours. She's got no chance at figuring out how you did it. Fully, fully, fully inspectable.

  4. Color Monte - This effect is perhaps more fun to perform than any other. You do the whole routine and when that green card pops up... it's gotta be the cards... but it's not! Everything is FULLY inspectable.

  5. Blizzard - This is an effect that hits so hard your spectators will demand the deck for inspection. Hand it over with complete confidence. This is one of the most powerful effects in all of card magic, and the deck is fully inspectable.
Below you'll find more fully inspectable effects.

fully inspectable Tel-A-Vision - Simply beautiful. Mind-reading has never been easier... or cheaper. Read More

Our Price: $2.99
fully inspectable
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Sterling Scotch and Soda - One of the best-selling tricks in all of magic... for good reason. Great for magicians of all levels. Highly Recommended!!! Read More

Our Price: $16.95
fully inspectable
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Nickels to Dimes - Magicians of all levels will astonish spectators with this well made brass magic trick! Read More

Our Price: $3.99
fully inspectable
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Super Sight - Get ready to FREAK OUT your spectators! You're in the other room, you're eyes are closed, the spectator has a completely free choice!!! Highly Recommended!!! Read More

Our Price: $22.95
fully inspectable
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Coin Squeeze - Get huge reactions when you make coins pass thru a solid wall of brass. Fantastic Pocket Trick!!! Read More

Our Price: $9.99
fully inspectable
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Mark Jenest's No 2 Pencil - The best close-up effect to come along in years, you will want to carry this one everywhere! Highly Recommended!!! Read More

Our Price: $11.99
fully inspectable
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Color Deception Brass - Color Deception is considered one of the most visually stunning effects in close-up magic.. And, it truly defies detection. Read More

Our Price: $24.95
fully inspectable
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The Golden Key - This impossible effect is fun to perform, and it's even more fun for your spectators. You hand out the key for inspection immediately! Highly recommended!!! Read More

Our Price: $24.95
fully inspectable
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Airtight by Jay Sankey - Get ready to have some fun with your spectators. A signed card joins a deck, as they both pass through the wall of a balloon. and you.re going in after it! Read More

Our Price: $7.95
fully inspectable
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In a Flash by Jay Sankey - The hottest card trick in magic! Ultra visual. Huge reactions every time!!! Read More

Our Price: $21.95
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LIFT By Nefesch
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