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CoG - Center of Gravity by Dario Capuozzo (Instant Download) Create an impossible balance with three freely selected cards from a borrowed deck.
In stock. $6.95
Stapled by Dario Capuozzo (Instant Download) Visually move a staple across a card and leave the spectator with an impossible souvenir.
In stock. $6.95
Off-Center by Dario Capuozzo (Instant Download) A completely impromptu balancing effect
In stock. $6.95
Joined by Dario Capuozzo and Titanas Magic - DVD Looking for the easiest, yet most visible and practical methods for a torn and restored card? Dario Capuozzo has created an elegant solution to prior T&R's that you are going to love.NO magnets NO threads NO sticky stuff This is no ordinary T&R Instant reset Perform surroundedDario gives ste
In stock. $22.46
Dissolve by Dario Capuozzo (Instant Download) Vanish and reappear a borrowed coin under impossible conditions with no gimmicks
In stock. $4.95
Freedom Change by Dario Capuozzo (Instant Download) Upgrade your classic color change to the next level!
In stock. $2.95
SlowPrint by Dario Capuozzo (Instant Download) One by one, visually, change the color of every single card of an entire deck
In stock. $15.00
Transpose by Dario Capuozzo - Video DOWNLOAD Two cards are freely selected by the spectator.One card is outjogged in the middle of the deck and the other card is held face up. Instantly, without any cover, the two cards transpose!
In stock. $6.00
Slow Print by Dario Capuozzo - Video DOWNLOAD A red deck is removed from the card case and a spectator freely selects two cards.One by one the two cards will change their back color from red to blue but this is only the beginning...With a wave of the hand another card slowly and visibly changes color...Finally with a snap of fingers the entire
In stock. $15.00
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Sorted Affair 2016 by Sean Bogunia presented by Matt Johnson
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