Dr. Bill's Bend by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) The best key bend we've EVER seen. This is the one the pros use. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $25.00
close-up download key mentalism metal-bending pendulum street
Telephone Bill by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) "When Dr. Bill did this effect for me over the phone, I was stunned! The procedure is fast and easy (no boredom here as in many phone tricks) requiring only a deck of playing cards. There seems to be no way for the performer to know anything about the number of cards since he is on the phone and can
In stock. $10.00
The Dr's Billet Tear by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) Imagine discretely learning what's written on a TWICE FOLDED piece of paper with NO props, NO funny moves and NO COVER. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $34.95
billet book download mentalism peek
Mind Index by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) "Read Mind Index over a couple of times. It contains very thoughtful (that's a joke son) and well constructed performance pieces built around established methodology that well versed mentalists are familiar with, but all too often don't explore deep enough to extract maximum entertainment value. Wit
In stock. $40.00
download index mentalism pdf
Mirabill by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) "Bill has taken a modern classic and put some nice touches into it. He's made it into an "untouched" routine... it all happens in the spectator's hands. It's a kind of remote viewing experiment with almost laboratory conditions. It's always the simple ideas like this one that become the true stunner
In stock. $15.00
Subliminal Squares by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) "This is not technically an improvement over classic magic square methods or presentations, but an entirely new and ingenious direction for the presentation and handling of magic squares. That, of course, is its strength and its caveat. If this direction suits you, then you'll love this.If a new p
In stock. $50.00
Suggestabilities by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) "Sit down, relax, and breathe deeply... When you have finished reading this book you'll have the tools to make yourself a better performer. Read this book.... think about what this book has to say... and practice the ideas within. You'll soon feel like you are under Bill's spell. Luckily he uses his
In stock. $25.00
The Fource by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) "Performing effects with all of the spectators is something that many mentalists and magicians miss out on. The Fource gives you several very strong options to employ with the entire audience. I am using it in every show. Thanks Bill!" - Lior Manor"Hi Bill. Eureka! Why the hell didn't I think of tha
In stock. $50.00
close-up download mentalism stage
Trybil: Dr. Bill's Book of Pendulums (Instant Download) Pendulums are real magic. You will be as amazed as your audience.
In stock. $55.00
download mentalism pendulum
RhymeTime Sublime by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download) "Good news! Dr. Bill has exploited the RhymeTime principle to create an impromptu, gimmick-free book or magazine test. With my permission (and endorsement), Bill has created a presentation that raises the bar considerably." - Mick AyresYour presentation is truly great and an incredible application o
In stock. $10.00
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