HUMINT by Phill Smith - Trick Interrogators prize two skills above all others: the ability to detect lies, and the talent to identify the truth that lies behind them. HUMINT holds the secret to developing these amazing skills... or so it seems! HUMINT is a powerful prop, bundled in with an incredible method. The core prop is a 3
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Phill Smith LIVE (Instant Download) Learn the secrets of a man whose mentalism is a symphony of elegant solutions! SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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Theory by Phill Smith (Instant Download) UK mentalist Phill Smith is known in the industry for his in-depth thinking on the art and his Mythology Trilogy (Mitox, Yokai and Mokele) contain dozens of essays and ideas for presentations, alongside unique 'premise' pieces, jumping off points to create your own exciting never-before-seen persona
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Quinta By Phill Smith (Instant Download) The most powerful utility method since Equivoque. Really.
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Stegosaurus by Phill Smith (Instant Download) A reputation-making mind-reading MIRACLE you can master in minutes. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Resurrected Deck by Peter Turner and Phill Smith - Trick The moment the audience sees these special card backs, they'll know they're in for a hair-raising demonstration of mentalism and more! From the mind of legendary UK mentalist, Peter Turner, comes the unique new Resurrected Deck. Created from Peter's original designs, and incorporating his ingenious
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Spellendar (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Phill Smith - Trick Spellendar is an amazing, new self-working miracle from the brain of UK mentalist Phill Smith. One spectator freely chooses a word from a calendar and remembers the date associated with that word. Another mentally chooses a card from a shuffled deck. A deck, in full view since the beginning of the e
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Passport to Marked Decks by Phill Smith and DMC - Book A 32 page pocket-sized handbook for performing incredible magic with the DMC ELITES marked deck, the Passport to Marked Cards contains 9 amazing pieces of close-up card magic ready to be performed by magicians of any skill level. Written by acclaimed magic creator (and designer of the ELITES) Philli
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Passport to Alphas by Phill Smith and DMC - Book A 40 page pocket-sized handbook to performing deeply personal, innovative magic with the new DMC ALPHAS marked alphabet deck. The Passport to ALPHAS contains 9 astounding pieces of close-up and parlour magic, walking readers through the unique features of the ALPHAS deck and introducing concepts tha
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The Inexplicable Thrift Store Find (Gimmick and online instructions) by Phill Smith - Trick Looking for a self-working trick? Here it is! The Inexplicable Thrift Store Find, created by UK-based Mentalist Phill Smith, is a bizarre and intriguing self-working piece of magic. It is based around a fictional vintage novelty, the kind advertised in the back of the comics of yesteryear. The trick
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Rootsavant A6 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Phill Smith - Trick Imagine being able to demonstrate, not only a mental ability normally reserved for the most renowned geniuses, but then being able to break down exactly how you spent every moment of complex thought, right down to the exact second. Rootsavant explodes the traditional magic square and creates a reali
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